Tuesday, July 6, 2010

World cup

Y-3 shirt dress, Metallic letter leggings from Taiwan street market, lace-up booties, Forever21 belt, Forever21 spike bracelets, Random rings, DIY earrings.
When the ball came, I can't help myself to catch it with my hands.. >///<..
Pictures by Esc photo

World cup is coming to an end soon, to take advantage of this once every four years' event, I tried to dress for it. :P It's not quite there yet, but sometimes it's fun to dress by some sort of theme?! :) WE went out to play for a little bit and I couldn't help to use my hands all the time! It's really hard. Tomorrow Germany play against Spain for the last Semi-Finals!!! Who'll win?!?!?! So exciting!!! All the boys at my work are crazy about the soccer, and everyday you'll definitely know when there is a game playing that day or not. Because you'll hear them cheer, shout and jump for whatever team they support?!?! Haha.. or bid on? I shall say.. :P
It's 102 today in New York, I went downtown at lunch to get some stuff and almost melt.
The one good thing happened today was my company let us leave early because of the crazy heat!!! :) Tn the end I guess it's not that bad to felt like melting and having to deal with the heat. :P At least we got an early closing afternoon to chill at wherever we wanted to be. :P


  1. Your leggings are so cool!!! Where did you get it???

  2. Viva La Espana! I hope they get the World Cup! cool shirtdress dear. your photos always look like they were taken for magazines.


  3. To Anonymous..
    Thank you so much! I got my leggings in Taiwan from random street market. :)

  4. To Kookie B.
    :))) Spain did really good on Tue!!! The final is coming up on Sun!!! I hope Spain get it as well!!! First time for them to the final?!?!?! Good for them!
    Thanks for the compliment for the photo!!! We tried to make quality pictures. :)


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