Saturday, July 31, 2010

Off to Asia


I am off to Asia now, I don't have a laptop or blackberry. >///<
But I'll keep you guys posted while I am there. :)


Thursday, July 29, 2010

Today's outfit

H&M sunnies, Forever 21 earrings(I thought they feel like "Lanvin" wanna be), sample blouse, H&M high waist skirt, Jeffrey Campbell booties, shorts backpack, self-designed bracelet cuff, H&M + Forever 21 rings, Glam Rock watches (Courtesy of Glam Rock )
Pictures by Esc photo

Can't wait for Saturday, it's complicated. From one side i am really excited to go home , go back to Asia, but the other side..I felt like here is my home, My real home. I have everything here, nothing there.. Can't wait to cut my hair. Can't wait to see the people I miss. Can't wait to eat what I love. Can't wait to travel. Can't wait to explore/experiment.. Lots of can't wait.
I am going to exhaust myself to death, so I can be knock out for the 22 hours flight.
Can't blog for at least one day and half, not like I was a diligent blogger anyway..>//<
Need to spend the next month to get used to the unfamiliar life.. than when I start to get use to, it's the time to leave again.. hah.. sad, isn't it?! I wish there is a thing call "to be complete in both respects"..

Wednesday, July 28, 2010

throw on

Sample ruffle/feather romper from work, lace-up booties, H&M necklace, Dior sunnies, Vivienne Westwood bag, sample earrings from work.
Pictures by Esc photo

Work has been endless/crazy for me right now. I stayed late almost everyday at work for the pass couple of days. I can't spend any extra energy to figure out my outfit in the morning. So I've been wearing this one piece, no planning, headache, drama, easy to thrown on. :p Lazy! hah..
I am off to Asia for a month from this weekend for both work and pleasure. There are so much need to be done before I leave. Packing is not an easy task. I have no idea what I should bring, a month is a really long time. I can't really plan my outfit for a month time with a small/limited suitcase space(weight).
I don't know what I've thrown into my suitcase. I don't have a plan, I just look into my closet, look at my clothes and pick out my favorite piece after piece. That's how I pack. Hopefully I won't forget anything, maybe I should say not balance tops and bottoms. I hate to leave mu clothes behind, and my SHOES!!! I probably can only bring 2~3 pairs. >///< What about my bags??? Huhhhhhhh...(sigh!!!)I hate that feeling when I really want to wear certain piece of clothing, and I can't find it or I don't have it with me. It's torture!!!
I'll keep you guys update while I am there. :) Don't leave me.. >///<

Tuesday, July 27, 2010

L-L-L-LOVE this


Uuuuuhmazing!!! I love these!!! It's inspiring! First one is my favorite. Can't imagine how long it takes to make these babies. Every single piece is definitely to die for..

Monday, July 26, 2010


Vintage self-altered stripe blouse, Zara high-waist shorts with belt, Accento Squisito wedges, Glam Rockwatches (Courtesy of Glam Rock), vintage Givenchy bag, H&M necklace, Coach Cupchain Chain Necklace (Courtesy of COACH), Zara Men's Straw hat, forever21 + ebay rings, random bracelets.
Pictures by Esc photo

What I wore someday last week!!! I am going away soon, have so much work to do before I leave. Busy like a chicken without head. Sorry for the quick/short post. :P
Hope you guys had a great weekend. Xoxo

Collection B. Feature


Just found this feature from Collection B. that I did awhile back HERE. Thanks to Yuri from for this amazing opportunity. :))) Xoxo

Saturday, July 24, 2010

Hublot and Manchester United one million dollar charity

pictures by Esc photo

I was invited to the Hublot and Manchester United one million dollar charity event at SD26 on Thursday night. This was what I wore that day. There are sooOooo many people, famous people, models, press..I don't even know who. There are a couple hundred people, I was a little bit lost honestly. I never really ever been to event like this before and I didn't really know too many people, so the only thing I did was enjoying the food, the drink and people watching. It's sort of special experience. :)
Sorry for the lack of post these couple days. I was really busy these days. I'll try to keep it up. :P Hope you guys enjoy the weekend. Xoxo

Wednesday, July 21, 2010

My favorite of my own street style..

Becca's Streetstyle
All pictures by Esc photo

The quality of these pictures are kind of Shit-y. Because I am too lazy to find these images from my computer, so i kind of cheated!!! I copied them from my previous posts!!! I'll probably fix it tomorrow or Friday!!! :)
I am so excited about tomorrow! Will tell you guys all about it later! Good night everyone..Xoxo

Tuesday, July 20, 2010



I didn't post any inspiring editorial for a while. I love these at the moment, there are so many details in it that I can get ideas from /inspired by.

Source: Dazed, POP

Monday, July 19, 2010

Tiffany & Co. New collections preview party 2010

I was invited to this Tiffany & Co. New collections preview party, and I saw the $7 mil diamond necklace!!! I can only dream~~~ !!!
7 million dollars necklace!!!
7 mil
Otherwise my favorite will be this one below. ( Sorry the pictures I took that day at the party all turned out terribly! I am embarrassed to use any of them, so I use the pictures from Tiffany's site.) :P
Frank Gehry Leaves bracelet of Diamonds, 18 Karat Yellow, Rose and White Gold. Every single leave on top moves with your hand movement. It's precious!!!
DSC_5313 as Smart Object-1
This was what I wore to the Tiffany & Co. Party.. (My skirt kind of having Tiffany blue in it!) :P
DSC_5311 as Smart Object-1
H&M sunnies, Forever21 necklace, Viktor and Rolf for H&M blouse, ADAM crinkle and wrinkle skirt, lace-up booties, Glam Rock watches (Courtesy of Glam Rock), Italian alligator bag, H&M rings.
DSC_5322 as Smart Object-1
DSC_5317 as Smart Object-1
Pictures by Esc photo

I couldn't count how many people touched me/ my butt/ my skirt that day!!! The first thing people came up to me would be..Oh!!! I love your skirt!!! then started touching me. It's so funny everyone has the same reaction. When I first got this skirt, I was not so sure about it, because somehow I felt it makes me look fat?! or I should say bottom heavy?! Caz I am not the skinny skinny type of girl, and I have butt. Somehow, I don't really want to show/ emphasize me butt. SO this skirt makes me really uncomfortable/ insecure about my bottom. But after today people's reactions made me feel so much better and not think so much of it as a "Big butt skirt!!!" :PP and love the skirt as much as other people do as well. :)

Lotta Volkova

Lotta Volkova
I'm completely in love with the personal style of designer/stylist Lotta Volkova. When she wears color it is perfectly matched, and her takes on simple silhouette is impeccable!!!

Source: Sartorialist; Stylesightings; Vanessa Jackman; streetpeeper

Sunday, July 18, 2010

Preview Vision 2010

Fornarina screen tee, self-altered high-waist shorts, vintage belt, lace-up booties, Glam Rockwatches (Courtesy of Glam Rock), FEED bag (Courtesy of Lord & Taylor), Forever 21 necklace,
COACH Cupchain Chain Necklace (Courtesy of Coach), H&M and vintage rings.
Pictures by Esc photo

This was what I wore on Wed. We had to go to Preview Vision fabric trade show for work. When we got to the show, after we registered, got the tag and the show catalog, something funny happened. I opened the book and the first thing I saw..was my picture in the book?!?!?! It was so funny/surprise to see!!! Everyone at work was gushing about it. :P Today when I was browsing the web, I thought about it so I went on their site. I can't believe my eyes, there you go. They have my pictures again?!?!?! What?!?!?! The funny thing is.. I was doing the exact same thing as last Preview Vision, only different outfit!!! I was taking notes for the booth numbers that we have to go to see. It's a nice little surprise! G.O.D. we didn't have a good day there that day! Got kicked out a couple times from the booths because of my work. It's so embarrassing, I guess I'll have to train myself with a thicker skin for the next trade show. >///<..
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