Thursday, September 30, 2010

Cucina Pasta

"佐佐義"..I like the interior.. It feels very relax and calm.
Can you believe how many choices of pasta they have here??? It's crazy!!! And.. It's CHEAP! It costs around $5.00 for any kind of pasta here.
IMG_0318 -1
I can't read what it says on the napkin. (I'd think it pronounce like the chinese pronunciation, but it's not). Spaghetti with clam & white sauce.. IMG_0314-s
Don't like my drink.. taste like medicine. IMG_0325-s
H&M ruffle dress, bandage mesh leggings, Givenchy wannabe wedges, random jewelry.
I have only two pair of shoes here, this one and the lace-up boots at the moment.. So sad, so boring..

The lavender park

Last weekend we went to the lavender park in Taichung.. It's SoOooo far, so far into the mountain!!! Took like forever to get there!!! I was cursing the whole time while we drove there.. :P I don't have patience for that.
IMG_0473 -1
The whole way I was thinking.."It's better worth it".. I mean.. It's not bad, I was a little bit of disappointed from it. It's a lot smaller than what I've imagine.
Inevitably, I have to take a picture of the "SIGN".. It says.. "The Lavender Park".
IMG_0422 -1
Buta was like a crazy dog the whole day since we arrived.. He can't stop running, biting, rolling!!!
A nice shot of us, it's so difficult to get him to look at the camera. It's beautiful there.
You can make a pledge by writing down your wishes and hang on there.. Ha.. Not too many wishes I guess?! ;p or people just don't believe in it any more.. :)
Disney meets BEAMS T-shirt, vintage belt, vintage Levi's destroyed shorts+biker shorts, lace-up boots, Mulberry Alexa bag, Zara straw hat, random jewelry.
All kind of lavenders, and whoever you make your wishes to.. You can put your wish in the house of family, friend, lover, career..etc.
Running around the lavender mountain with the little "crazies".
Getting dark.. It's about time to leave..

Outfit post

Strong shoulder T-shirt from the street vendor in Taiwan, H&M lace shorts, vintage belt, lace-up boots, Mulberry Alexa bag, Coach Poppy necklace (Courtesy of Coach), Forever 21+H&M jewelry.
Not much to say at the moment! Life is boring for me right now.. Don't know what to do..
I am working on something today, should be done by tomorrow or this weekend! I'll share it with you guys soon!!! Hopefully it'll turn out nicely.. ;p Stay tune!

Wednesday, September 29, 2010

My options of the past 2 months..

These are what's in my suitcase and what I've been wearing for the past TWO months. One suitcase can't fit a lot, you know.. So I have to make great concessions for the purpose of accommodating to my situation of stucked in Asia..
So far so good, but I am running out of the combinations that I can come up with so little amount of pieces. I started to go into my mom & sis's closet to look for any "potential" pieces for my wardrobe fix.. I found a lot for the winter, but no too lucky for the summer stuff.. V ^ V
GOD.. How long do I still need to stay and live like this??? I want my closet in New York back!!!

Tuesday, September 28, 2010

Destroyed T

I have not really go shopping ever since I get back. So today me and my friend Megan went out to the popular shopping area in Kaohsiung city..
It has changed from what I remember.. It's much empty and a lot less crowded.. Plus, i don't know where is all the street vendor? They were all gone almost!!!
Ooooh..The cops are coming to give the tickets to the street vendors.. That's why.. It's such a shame!!! I don't get it..this is the shopping district, why do the cops persecute the vendors?!?!
It's not necessary. Everyone is looking for a way to live and make money, isn't it?! So do the cops!!! They also make the money from giving the tickets.. Ha..
We've been going out many time but NEVER remember to take pictures.. FINALLY!!! :) Love U
What I wore: DIY destroyed T-shirt which I made couple days ago, due to my boredom, drop crutch polka-dot pants from the street vendor in Taipei, lace-up boots, Mulberry Alexa bag, random jewelry.
A little bit of detail shot of my DIY T-shirt.. :) What do you guys think??? ;p

Fashionista 101 feature

Thanks to Shantée from Fashionista101 for the feature!!! :) Please check it out Here.

Friday, September 24, 2010

Wayne SS2011

Wayne -1
Those leggings are great for DIY! ;)


Tuesday, September 21, 2010

MoMmY HaPpy BiRthDaY..

IMG_0393 -1
The subway in Kaohsiung (not too many people are using the subway here, everyone uses motorcycle!); the street scene (close to central park).
IMG_0384 -1
I went out to fix my ripped pants and took this chance I went for a little shopping in the's weekday early afternoon, not too many people on the street yet. I also went to buy my mom's birthday cake, I forgot to order in advance. So I can only go to the bakery and pick up whatever was there. Unfortunately, I didn't like the taste and the design from the first two bakeries, so I have to drive around to look for the "right" (right for me at least ;P) cake.
IMG_7968 -1
We went out for dinner to celebrate so she doesn't need to cook. We went to Cantonese Yum Cha!
IMG_7967 -all
Our dinner..Roasted suckling pig, shrimps cook w/chinese medicine, sesame leek, chinese pancake, native green vegetable, black beans and tofu.
Mom and dad! XxX.. I was telling them before this year, I was never home for the past 10 years for their Birthday or any holiday. It was always my brother ans sister were home to keep them company. BUT this time, it's opposite!!! Only I am home and they are NOT! I guess it's a good thing?! At least they have one kid at home with them :).
After dinner.. took a "family" picture, although my bro & sis can't be here!
The birthday cake that I picked for my mom. She was complaining that she is only 51 instead of 52!!! But she likes the cake anyway.. ( She has to like it! I went to 3 different bakeries to look for a nice cake for her!!!)
Another "family" photo w/ Buta..He was out of control!!! Can NEVER stop moving! Not even for one second.
IMG_0399400 -1
What I wore: Chloe Chen chiffon blouse, mom's vintage knit vest, studded belt, Forever 21 necklace, random bangles from the street vendor, 1010 biker jeans, Mulberry Alexa bag, black chiffon wedges, Glam Rock watch.
IMG_8010-c -1

MK & Ashley in VOGUE Nippon


Source: Olsens Anonymous & Google image

Monday, September 20, 2010

Typhoon in Taiwan

This was outside of my house! It's only the beginning, already like a stream..
From upstairs.. it's getting bad,.
On the news..
Here you already can't see where is the bridge, where is the road.. Some area in Kaohsiung flood up to 2 meters!!! people can't get out of the house beside using the emergency boat from the goverment!!! It's aweful!!

Sunday, September 19, 2010


Coming back to Kaohsiung city from Taipei.. I took the high speed train, it goes 300/km per hour. Normally it'll take around four and a half to five hours to drive from Taipei to Kaohsiung, but with the high speed train. It took only an hour and half!!! Isn't it amazing?!?!
It felt like in the airplane, each seat has a dinning table..This is economy class.
This is the car info, so you know where everything is located.
Went out with my friend to have some lunch at the department store. I had beef stew noodle soup, and she had Korean tofu pot.. It costs around $5.00! :)
What I wore: All the clothings are from the street vendor in Taiwan, Forever 21 necklaces, lace-up booties, random spikes and studs bracelets, Rebecca Minkoff zipper bracelet, H&M rings, Forever 21 earrings.
It's so scary today. This is like the 5th typhoon in the past 2 month (since I got back to Taiwan). But it was NEVER this bad!!! The street was like a stream, and my house was flooded.. We spent the whole afternoon and evening to stop the water and clean what's already in.. and the wing.. It's CRAZY. The wind was so strong, some cars got flipped over, trees was rifted, the wire pole was all on the ground from this typhoon..I'll post some pictures tomorrow to show you guys. Fortunately, we are all safe and we noticed the flood pretty fast in order to stop it before it gets really bad!!

Saturday, September 18, 2010

"Star Place- TaLee" this is one of the landmark in Kaohsiung city.
Inside the department store, it's pretty small but very expensive!!! It has only REALLY high-end brand inside, from Louis Vuitton, Gucci, Bottega Veneta, Balenciaga to LANVIN..
We went there for afternoon tea/ late lunch?! It's a nice place to kill spare time with friend. White space gives people relax and comfortable feeling, plus we have the view over look part of the city and the central park of the city.It's leisure!
IMG_0102 -1
We both ordered spaghetti, it came with corn soup and drink!
IMG_0099 -1
Before we forgot and started to chat, we took some pictures. We were both night owl..We went to sleep in the morning and get up in the afternoon, so we always ended up having lunch in the afternoon.. :P
What I wore: H&M necklace, Zara lace shoulder pad top, Self altered high-waist shorts, vintage studded coin belt, lace-up booties, random bracelets, Forever21 earrings.
IMG_0126 -1
Being bored at home, took some "smug" pictures....... :P
Huh.......boredboredbored!!! Everyone has work to do beside me!!! I am about to kill myself with this kind of life/situation!!! I felt it's almost like being a mistress!!! It's not easy, not for me at least!!!
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