Thursday, July 8, 2010

Todays outfit

Rebecca Taylor textured blouse, H&M lace shorts (I wish the lace belt is removable, it's stitched onto the shorts. Boo..) , lace up booties, Vivienne Westwood bag, vintage necklace, Forever21 pearl bracelet, ebay rings.
Pictures by Esc photo

This is what I wore today, the boys at work told me "You wore your lingerie to work?" REALLY??? Does it look like lingerie??? I don't think so though, but I don't know what other people think. I thought it's just a girly look instead of being sexy. To me this is not even close. Especially I didn't wear sexy heels/ pumps at all, I wore this unisex lace up booties for a more cool effect. :P What do you guys think?
This week is crazy, it felt like 100+ everyday here. I don't remember being so hot last couple summer here, not sure it's just me or it's really hotter this summer. Luckily, the company let us leave early to cool off this whole week. :) What?! What a great treat. I don't think we'll have the same awesome treat next week though. Boo.. Summer is disgusting in New York. Sweat, stench, stink everywhere. V___V Believe me it's NOT nice!


  1. For guys lace + extra details = lingerie. :P Or they have weird fantasies but we shoeldn't go ito that haha.
    Love the boots!

  2. OMG love the blouse and the shorts :D Suits u soooo welll :D

  3. Your wardrobe is soo amazing! I absolutely love this look! Hope you don't mind if i feature you on my blog later today in a style inspired post?
    Oh and PS: saw your comment about the brushed font on my blog and all you have to do is down load the font off a fonts website and then copy and paste it into your post!

  4. Oh! Your shorts are so cute!

  5. The boys probably just associated the lace on the shorts for lingerie. Such simple minds :). I love the shorts, btw.

  6. Your shorts are so pretty!


  7. Love the look, are the shorts still available? Thanks

  8. Your choices of texture with your clothing really make the whole outfit!

  9. Thx.
    AS for the post, the pictures were from fashiongonerogue, and i think the website did something to the pictures.
    By the way, girly outfits look good on you :)

  10. 去收信~謝謝chu

  11. I LOVE those lace shorts! Such an adorable outfit :)

    Come check out the giveaway on my blog!

  12. To Dodo..
    :)))hahaha..I know!!! But I don't know why?!?! I was surprised to hear that kind of comments from em'. I was not sure they are joking or there are some sort of weird fantasies behind it. :P LOL..

  13. To Miss Molly..
    Thank you so much for your compliments!!! Of course I won't mind you feature me at all?!?! I'd love that.. XOXO
    Thank you for your tip on the brush layout, I'll try to play with it when I have some time to re-do my blog layout a little bit. :P Thanks!! SO sweet of you! :)

  14. To Brianna..
    I know!!! I was surprised that they actually take it towards that direction! Oh well.. LOL..It's just funny to me. Girls don't think that way though, because this is really not even close to sexual at all!!!

  15. To Purplerain..
    Yeah!!! I got this shorts couple days ago at H&M. You should definitely go check it out before it ran out!!! Xoxo


I appreciate any comments and thoghts, it makes me happy and grow. I will try to visit your blog and see who you are...Love, Becca :)

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