Wednesday, July 14, 2010

Glam Rock Watches

So guys here is the scoop that I mentioned in my previous post, can't wait to tell you guys all about it! I was lucky enough to get invited by "LOOKBOOKS" to the Glam Rock “Design Your Own Glam Rock Watch” contest this past Monday at The Promotion Factory among a handful of other bloggers. The task for all of us was to pick out the base watch and style it with our own twist by changing the straps and the case cover. Their selection of the straps and case covers are amazing, from fabrics, leathers, synthetic silicons to metals; and the color options are even more impeccable!!! This makes Glam Rock watches more unique at the same time really economical and practical!!! It's like you can change clothes for your watches!!! How fun?!?! :))
So the watches that we got to style are from their Miami line which I LOVE!!! I LOVE the large, chunky body base, it's not too girly, it's unisex, it's cooler than normal, and it's me. >///<.. :P IMG_5319-650
I selected alligator straps in an elegant rich purple color mixing with python case cover. I always love to mix textures in my outfit, why not for my watch??? It's unexpected, fun and unique. What do you babies think??? :) And guess what?!?!?! I WON!!! :))) I was so excited and flattered!!!
We learned and saw so much about Glam Rock watches that day there from Enrico, from how the straps were made and handcrafted in France to how the back of the body case curve to fit our wrist better, more comfortable; to how the cover cases were covered with leather that they pick out meticulously from Italy and France and so much more. You guys should definitely go on their site to check out more of this RAD brand or start following them on It's an up and coming new "It" watch among all the celebrities!
Glam Rock-Stars-650
Special thanks to Manny at LOOKBOOKS, you made this happened!!! Thank you so much!!! Muwah..Xoxo AND the biggest thanks to Enrico, the CEO of the Glam Rock watches!!! We won't have this amazing opportunity without YOU, without Glam Rock!!! Thank you!!! Xoxo! Muwah.. :P I also need to thank lovely Giovanna Noe from The Promotion Factory for their beautiful sunny terrace for this amazing event! Xoxo


  1. Wow!! Love the watch! It's so cool that you are able to change the strap and the cover case!! so diverse!!! Congrets with the win. XxX

  2. love love love how you mixed different exotic skin textures. that watch is too rad!

  3. Wooow I love these watches, they are so unique!

    And I REALLY love your style, and you seem to be such a cool person :).
    I love to see how you combined the H&M lace shorts, since I have them too. Very cute combination!


  4. Wow those watches look really nice,
    would love to have this one

    All black, to die for!


  5. I would have to say that yours is my favorite!

  6. To Anonymous..
    Thank you so much!!! I thought it's really cool to be able to change the strap and the cover as well!!! And the quality is just amazing!!! Good stuff!!! Xoxo

  7. To the erstwhile alchemist..
    :))) Thank you!!! I love the watch!!! And it's really fun to mix textures according to my own taste. :)

  8. To Sarah..
    Thank you!:) I love this watch! I've been wearing it ever since, and telling everyone about it!!! :P
    I actually did a post from how i wore that lace shorts here
    I'd love to see how you style yours as well. :)

  9. To Da Pan..
    I love that one as well, actually I love that one the most. Enrico the CEO from Glam Rock was actually wearing that one and it looks really cool! !!! I want them ALL!!! Hah.. >///<

  10. To Shirly..
    Thank you so much!!! :))


  11. 你超棒的

  12. Glam Rock watches are just gorgeous..great idea to mix and match the straps and casings..just love them!!

  13. Wow, just notice this post and wanted to say glad you took the prize, I would never doubt your creativeness, I sure notice it many times before.

  14. We love Enrico's work Glam rock watches help keep the movement alive at a time when so many things are so bland and unfashionable.

  15. These are the cream of the crop. They may not even have as many features as the other watches, but these are the timepieces that catch peoples' eyes.
    rolex replica

  16. Petty cool watches huh! I can say it is suited for any fashion sense, especially for men. Am I right?

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  18. If you love Glam Rock like I do you need to shop at because you will find exactly what you want.....but always get a huge discount....


I appreciate any comments and thoghts, it makes me happy and grow. I will try to visit your blog and see who you are...Love, Becca :)

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