Sunday, July 11, 2010


DKNY lingerie cami, H&M crochet/fringe top, Antik denim bell bottom jeans, Pour La Victoire heels, H&M necklace, vintage Givenchy bag, random rings, Forever 21 earrings, , DIY shoulder piece, vintage braided belt.
Pictures by Esc photo

I was thinking to let my hair grow for a while and recently found this wig that I bought a couple years ago in one of my storage box. I've never wore it before, I was too shy. :P But since I'd love to have long hair now, I think why not to wear it to see how do I like myself with long hair. :P I feel it looks fine, I am not used to see myself this way and I feel it's too big of a change. So somehow I feel a little bit weird?!?! >//<

What do you guys think??? I thought maybe it's a little bit too long for me, I'd like to have it shorter. Maybe somewhere between my waist and my chest! God knows how long it'll take me to grow, my hair grows extremely slow compare to my friends and my sister. It's really annoying! I heard from my friends that if you crush the birth control pill and mix it with shampoo to wash your hair could grow hairs faster?!?! I am not sure if it's true, but it might be something worth trying. :P


  1. Your new hairdo is very beautiful!)
    And I also like your outfit!

  2. I love the wig :) Its gorgeous. U should def wear it more often.

  3. The wig is absolutely gorgeous, and it looks completely natural! I don't know if the birth control pill makes any difference, but I've been taking prenatal vitamins to help my hair and nails, and I think they've become stronger and grow faster.

  4. The Long hair makes your face appear slender! you look good with it.
    By the way, Can you read Chinese? cuz i was looking through your older posts and saw someone left a comment in Chinese.

  5. Dangggg you're so stylish!!


  6. to Purplerain..
    Thank you!!! :) I am going to let my hair grow. :P
    yes i can read Chinese. Why???

  7. u look very good with long hair!! i agree with your decision of letting it grow :)

  8. 哈哈~你超不適合長髮的耶~

  9. The wig looks amaze on you! nice to see what you look like with long hair :) Hope you had a great weekend, lovely pics!

  10. Wow! When I first glanced at your photos I NEVER suspected that was a wig...that's pretty impressive. You definitely suit long hair x

  11. To c'est freak, le chic..
    Hahahaha!!! Thanks so much, my sister kept telling me that I look so bad with long hair, I should cut it! But I am going to grow it anyway, I only hope I could go through the summer heat without an impulse! :P

  12. To Miss Molly..
    :))) Thank you so much!!! I am glad that you guys give me some opinions! Cause I am really not sure if it's a good decision or not, I am still not used to see myself with long hair yet since last time I had long hair was like 10 years ago!!!!! >///<


I appreciate any comments and thoghts, it makes me happy and grow. I will try to visit your blog and see who you are...Love, Becca :)

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