Tuesday, November 30, 2010

skull cut-out

All shirt from the street vendor in Taiwan, DIY faux leather mixed with jersey leggings, Acne Admire booties, leopard zipper bag from Korea, Forever 21 jewelry, Yahoo auction bracelet.
I love the skull cut-out in the back!!! Unfortunately I didn't take too good detail picture of the back due to my suck-y camera!!!
This was taken couple days ago, when the weather was still hot here in my city.

Monday, November 29, 2010

DIY: Leopard Converse sneakers

You will need:
1. Pen & paper to draw the pattern.
2. Tape to prevent the faux fur to come off.
3. Faux fur.
4. Scissors.
5. A pair of Converse. (I use an old pair of Converse that I have since high school and I rarely wear them.)
6. Needle & thread.
7. A seam ripper.
8. Doubleside Tape.
DIY: Leopard Converse
Here is what you need to do:
1. Copy the pattern from the sneakers onto the paper.
2. Place the pattern onto the faux fur, put the tape around it before you cut it out. (So on the wrong side of the faux fur you should have tape on it before you cut it!)
3. Doubleside tape around the pattern and place onto the sneaker.
4. Hand sew along the edges.
5. Follow the eyelets to prick holes with the seam ripper for the shoelace.
6. Done!!! :)
DIY: Leopard Converse
Funky color wall in my room!!!

DIY: Leopard Converse
DIY: Leopard Converse
I think it'll look rad to pair them with tight leather pants or leggings! Pair with knee high socks feel so young. ;)
I am thinking to also do something to the shoelace, but not exactly sure what to do yet.......... ;P I'll keep you guys in the loop if I decide what!

What do you guys think about this DIY??? ;D

I have a confession to make...
I got a comment couple days go saying that I don't return the courtesy nor visit and leave a comment just as courtesy to show my gratitude. That's why the support for my blog has been dwindling. And I should do what I want others done to me.

I have to agree and apologize to you guys!!! I know and I agree with what she/he said. I've heard this from my boy many times that I should & NEED to return the courtesy and visit back as my gratitude!!! I knew I have to do that to show you guys I care, but I don't know why I did NOT do it in return.?!?!?! What am I thinking?!?!?! I'd like to thank her/he for point this out and shows me that you guys care and expect sth from me. I'll start to do my best to return the courtesy. I really appreciate this! Thank you so much for this!!! Xoxo
Sorry guys!!! I'll do my best to improve!!!

Sunday, November 28, 2010

Hello, Tainan, here we come!

DIY plaid top with sheer back, layered Zara jersey tops, bandage leggings from the street market in Taiwan, booties & leopard zipper bag from Korea, random jewelry, H&M sunnies. 3
I am not sure what this is, but it's inside the cultural center. It's kind of inspiring! 2
These handmade pencils are so cute!!!5
Over 100 years old preserved fruit store, it's really famous and one of the place you have to go if you visit Tainan. I love preserved fruit very much, I want to buy em' all. It took me a while to pick out what to buy and what to give up in there!!!
These are the candies I ate while I grew up, I can not get them anywhere besides the place of historic spot! These are newly made vintage candies, can't get them in Seven-Eleven!!!
These marshmallow are so cute!!! X'mas is comiing, so even marshmallow has to be done for the occasion!!! ;P
President Obama toothpaste pencil case. :D
An old temple! Still can't get over how it constructed.
Me & my friends, after over 10 yeras this is first time we take pictures together. It's rare for us, since everyone is in different cities for work, plus I am almost never in Taiwan. :) Besides THIS time!!!
They keep a part of the historic wall and make this into a Seven-Eleven?!?!?! Why???
Friendship forever!!! Xoxo Love you guys so much!!!
Steamed sandwich, duck with rice & duck viscera soup.
We eat so much that day I can't even count & follow! These are just a few of them. Plus we eat so much "Fear Factory" style stuff. Don't think you guys would find them interesting or tasty. ;p


This is totally do-able/DIY-able (I think!). I think you could just get a Vans sneakers & sew the scarf onto it?!?! Am I too surreal??? It's do-able, isn't it??? Or it's impossible??? ;P
You can get this rad sneakers HERE!

Source: Google

Johanna Ho FW10


Saturday, November 27, 2010


This took a lot longer than I expected!!! I'm over half way done, I'll show you guys the finishing stuff tomorrow..
How's everyone's Thanksgiving??? Mine sucked!!! Yours?

Thursday, November 25, 2010

Happy Turkey day

Happy Thanksgiving Everyone!!!
I really wish I could be there, have turkey and enjoy the good time with my cat and family...':(

Image source: 123rf.com

Christine Centenera

Christine Centenera in Celine and Mark Fast
Christine Centenera is a Fashion Editor and stylist for Harper’s Baazar Australia. She can do no wrong!!!I loved the rock and roll sensibility + simplicity of her style!

Source: Street Peepers, google images, stockholmstreetstyle

Tuesday, November 23, 2010


I had my sister and bau went to the Lanvin for H&M to get some stuff for me since I am not there. Unfortunately, they can't and don't want to wait in the cold for 3+ hours, so they gave up!! If I was there, I wouldn't have waited myself anyway... It's ashamed....... :(

Monday, November 22, 2010


Ruffled belt


Ruffled Top

Source: Pixiemarket

Sanshia Taipei


Shredded sweater, bandage leggings from the street market in Taiwan, army boots & leopard zipper basket bag from Korea, Forever21 necklace, Dior sunnies.

Really old, traditional bridge with little temple foyer. It's different, isn't it?!?! :) Only in the suburb you can see things like this.
A modern movie/music restaurant hidden in between the ancient buildings.
I have not seen a traditional Asian temple for a really long time!!! all the details in it are astonishing! I wonder how they built it in the old days, as well as those European churches!!! Amazing!!!
Love this vintage feeling of the Chinese street, it's not easy to find in Taiwan now. Everything is so modern here at the moment you hardly could see archaic buildings like this anymore.P1020379-s
Lovely archway.
I felt so quaint today. ;p
They kept the water in the well back in the day.
One kind of my favorite dessert..soybean curd, pearl barley and tapioca with crushed ice. Emmmm~Yummmm~~~

Sunday, November 21, 2010

Top booties of the season


Yes! It's all black, but it's all different!!!
Source: Opening Ceremony, Browns, SSENSE

Saturday, November 20, 2010

Everything turns gray---

Depressing... When is everything going to be fine again??? Week after weeks, one sayting after another, when would it comes true? I don't mind to take a break, a long break, but this ain't f*ing break. This is torture for giving me hope and letting me down at the point when I think I am almost there.. I hope this is one last time that I get some kind of statement and this is it. No more waiting and bullshit/excuses. I was laughing here, in fact I wasn't. God bless me please!!!
I miss New York, my cat and my family & friends! Just get me back there!!!!!!!
Denim jacket, layered Zara jersey tops, DIY leather blocking leggings, Forever 21 jewelry, Givenchy wanna be wedges, YSL oversized tote, faux fox tail.
***It was so funny that I had "my tail" with me in Korea and everyone, seriously everyone was touching it and playing with it while I was out and about. Some people even pulled my tail while I was shopping and walking! :))) So funny that people to see people had reaction like that and actually pay attention !!!
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