Sunday, July 18, 2010

Preview Vision 2010

Fornarina screen tee, self-altered high-waist shorts, vintage belt, lace-up booties, Glam Rockwatches (Courtesy of Glam Rock), FEED bag (Courtesy of Lord & Taylor), Forever 21 necklace,
COACH Cupchain Chain Necklace (Courtesy of Coach), H&M and vintage rings.
Pictures by Esc photo

This was what I wore on Wed. We had to go to Preview Vision fabric trade show for work. When we got to the show, after we registered, got the tag and the show catalog, something funny happened. I opened the book and the first thing I saw..was my picture in the book?!?!?! It was so funny/surprise to see!!! Everyone at work was gushing about it. :P Today when I was browsing the web, I thought about it so I went on their site. I can't believe my eyes, there you go. They have my pictures again?!?!?! What?!?!?! The funny thing is.. I was doing the exact same thing as last Preview Vision, only different outfit!!! I was taking notes for the booth numbers that we have to go to see. It's a nice little surprise! G.O.D. we didn't have a good day there that day! Got kicked out a couple times from the booths because of my work. It's so embarrassing, I guess I'll have to train myself with a thicker skin for the next trade show. >///<..


  1. 有拍照???我想看! 君爵

  2. Can you show more outfits with your diy collar?

  3. Love your outfit as usual! Perfection! XxX

  4. To 君爵..

  5. To PurpleRain..
    I had
    so far! I'll show more of it if you insist. :P
    Later this week..stay tune..

  6. To Anonymous..
    Thank you so much!!! Xoxo

  7. love the outfit :)

  8. those shorts and adorable! i love all of the colors and patterns in this outfit. and that bag- im jealous! i think i need it!!! you look chic!
    xx. alyssa


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