Monday, November 30, 2009

Out of Control..Boot Strap/Jewelry..


This is a definitely idea of DIY.. :) Sick!!!!!!
I'll DO IT!!!

Source: Knightcat

Sunday, November 29, 2009

My Recent Craving..Abraxas Rex

Abraxas Rex9



Abraxas Rex4-s

Abraxas Rex8-s

Abraxas Rex7-s

Abraxas Rex5-s

I was never a fan of really expensive jewelry. For me, jewelry was always something that i accessorized myself with the outfit that i wore. But for some reason, I was really into finding my perfect ring of this period of my life. Not sure why?! So i was looking around for the pass couple weeks, and i found this precious rings from Abraxas Rex..ONLY..they are not affordable for me right now..or I should say..EVER??? I hope not!!! But anyway, i dream~~~and dream BIG!!!

Saturday, November 28, 2009

New Voice & Vision..Omelle..







I really love this LA based design from Cherise Angelle and Nicole LaFave brand Omelle. It's very unique and sophisticated at the same time. :)
I hope the shoes I picked make you guys happy as I do.. :P
I really hope one day..I could at least own one pair of each shoe designers that I've picked out.. :P.. Dream~~~

Thursday, November 26, 2009

HaPpy ThaNksGiVing EveryOne..:)

I was wearing: Black Comme des Garcons Jacket with self add on spike and rings, Ivory 3.1 Phillip Lim ruffle blouse, Black Ruffle shorts, Black bow tights, Black Sam Edelman Zoe boots, Black crocodile bag with self add on chain, Necklace from Forever21, Black Chloe' sunglasses




Went out for a little grocery shopping and head home to prepare a thanksgiving "Hot Pot" Asian style for our friends, since we don't have our family here in NY. We celebrate it with friends we chose as families.. :) Nice!!! Willie & Shirley..We are family!!! :) (If you guys are reading this.. :P)

Wednesday, November 25, 2009







GUYS!!! Can you believe it?!?!?! This is H&M!!! From their ss2010 collections, they look so expensive good looking!!! It's amazing how they can transform from the haute couture look to these awesome, affordable clothing for those who can't afford expensive stuffs. I LOVE every single piece. I'd like to buy them ALL!!! BUT..I'll put my hand on those leather overalls FIRST!!! :P :)

Source: Refinery 29

Tuesday, November 24, 2009

Miroslava Duma

Miroslava Duma




I love her effortless style!!!

Source: Jak & Jil

Monday, November 23, 2009


I was wearing: Mint green leopard Menswear T-shirt sample from work, Black H&M body con dress, Black Betsey Johnson leopard print tights, Black Sam Edelman Zoe boots, Black spikes vintage belt, Brown vintage faux fur coat, Earring and bracelet from Forever21.

Not much happened today, just got back from work and went out for a quick shot.

Saturday, November 21, 2009

Blue points..

I was wearing: DIY crystal tights Buy Here, DIY necklace Buy Here, Sam Edelman Zoe boots, Black Chloe' sunglasses, Blue/Black studded Zara belt, Brown studded Zara clutch, Black H&M suede mini skirt, Black H&M long sleeves top, Blue 80's vintage cardigan from my mom.. :P

I just got back from "The sample sale of the season".."OAK/SEVEN NEW YORK/Bblessing Sample sale".. Me and M waited for almost two hours to get in. It's totally worth it though!!! The price is good..We kinda get there a little bit too late, so we ended up at pretty much the end of waiting line. Still, people just keep coming and coming, the line went around the block. I wonder whoever get in first, what kind of amazing stuffs they've get..>///< I am glad that i went. We saw lots of well-dressed fashinista and male models. It's a fun day, well worth!

Friday, November 20, 2009

Daul Kim..


I can' believe this is true?!?! She is gone forever..
At age young and so beautiful..
She will be missed..

* After i read her blog, i admire he courage of putting her most private feeling out there on her blog and share with others. Others she doesn't even know. Sometimes you get hurt by doing this, because there were always negative people around. Trying to give you negative comments and make you feel bad. But she is strong enough to do so. I admire her with my heart.
R.I.P Daul.......

Thursday, November 19, 2009

4 Eyes..

I was on my way home and discover this look alike, besides..I don’t have long hair..>///<

I was wearing: Black H&M faux leather motorcycle jacket with self made add on Chains, Ivory sweater dress, Black slash leggings, Black lace-up booties, Self made bracelet, Black H&M Sunglasses, Dark gray H&M rope scarf, Black/Gray leopard print Vivienne Westwood Bags

Wednesday, November 18, 2009

Leigh Lezark..




Leigh Lezark..One of my style icon..
I really love her rocker chic style..

Sorry that i lost track of my source..It's mainly from some bloggers or google images..>///<

Monday, November 16, 2009



Hola.. :)
I changed my hair color this pass Sunday to blue/black.. :P As you can see from my pic, my scalp! I am not sure how do i like it yet?! I am still not used to see myself having such a dark color. What so you guys think???
I went to Soho last Sunday to SAVE FASHION
I think it was Okay..Most of the items are still expensive for me. SO, i didn't get anything..kinda disappointed..Oh well..What you gonna do?!

BTW, Here in the picture is my take on Atlantis Home's awesome jacket..What do you guys think it turn out?! like it?! or..Hate it?!.. :P I'll post a close-up shot later on..Sorry about it for now. I forget about it..>///<..
Anyway..Hope everyone had a nice weekend!!! XxX

I was wearing: Silver/Black DIY (Self add on sleeves pieces and shoulder pieces) Zara Jacket, Black Zara T-shirt, Black H&M ripped jeans, Black Selfdesigned necklace, Black lace-up booties, Black alligator bag with self add on chain, Black Chloe' Sunglasses, Need Supply Co.earrings..

You can buy the necklace HERE

Saturday, November 14, 2009

Camilla Skovgaard..

Camilla Skovgaard-C1


Camilla Skovgaard-C2

Camilla Skovgaard-C3

Camilla Skovgaard
I really love her's simple and amazing at the same time! You can get em' at Saks Fifth Avenue department store, she had a meet up in the summer there.. go check it out if any of you are interested..
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