Monday, May 31, 2010

DIY Miu Miu collar

DIY Collar necklace
DIY Collar necklace
The plaid one is actually my muslin, but it actually came out pretty okay..So i could wear it as well.. :P
DIY Collar necklace
miumiu collar
My previous post about this new project that I finally have time to finish this weekend! This DIY miu Miu collar came out nicely, the only thing that i am not too happy with is the cat print on the left is upside down. I wish I've noticed it before I cut the fabric..Oh well..It's too late now. It's still nice. I am thinking to add some beading around the cat print. What do you guys think?

How's everyone's Memorial weekend? :)
I did some serious shopping this weekend which I shouldn't have. V___V I'll show you guys what I've got later. :P
Gotta go to sleep, have to go to work early tomorrow!!!

Sunday, May 30, 2010

Matte about you

Here you can see my middle two fingers that I put on this matte about you topcode. You really can see the effect! Amazing!!!

My co-worker recently discovered this essie top code. It makes any of your nail polish matte. I remember I was always complaining that i can not find any nail polish without shine, it's always shiny. Never can find matte, and here you go!!! One for all!!! NICE!

Friday, May 28, 2010

Collection B.

Collection B. faux fur vest, vintage pleated blouse, vintage braided belt, H&M shorts re-worked by me, DIY embroidery tights, vintage classic woven bag, Forever 21 necklace, random big pile of bracelets, DIY chanel wannabe earrings, Pour La Victoire heels
A whole lot of jewelry!!!
You can get this tights HERE
Vintage classic woven bag
I bought this bag couple years ago and I have never use it before. yesterday when I was planning my outfit for work, I dig this bag out of my closet and found $13.00 in it..haha, I guess 13 is not always an unlucky number.. :P

Pictures by Esc photo approached me to style this fur vest from Collection B's newest fall collection. This is my take, I feel I could wear this fur piece in a casual way as well as dress up formally. It is definitely a must have piece for the new fall/winter seasons! :)

pretty pretty eyes

I've always loved eyelashes, maybe it's because i am Asian and our features aren't as deep. So fake eyelashes are the best quick fix.

Source: Google images

Wednesday, May 26, 2010

Vogue Italia

There are so many great stuffs that I LOVE in this editorial. Great ideas for DIY, great styling, great photoshop effect, great mood..GREAT EVERYTHING!!!

Source: Cartoon styles


Denimology feature
Thanks to Andy from Denimology for featuring me!!! :) I first knew Denimology were from Atlantis Home, She was featured in it. I am honored for this feature. Big Thanks to Andy! :)

Tuesday, May 25, 2010

New project in progress

These are the tools and material that I'll use..
1. My fabric choice, paper and fabric scissors, pattern making paper, ruler, tape measure, pencil, iron, interfacing, muslin, pins.
I finished making the pattern, and i am using this plaid fabric as my muslin since i ran out of muslin..

The result is coming soon.. :)

aje F/W2010

aje F/W2010

I love that silk charmeuse skirt with the rhinestone/pearl beading on top and the rest of the styling from their lookbook.

Source: POP

Monday, May 24, 2010

Old city hall

3.1 Phillip Lim blouse, Vintage dress, Vintage belt, Vintage Givenchy bag, DIY bracelet and earrings, Sample hat, Philosophy oxford, Dior Sunnies.
It's so windy that day, i can't keep my hat the way i want it to be for the pictures.. ANYWAY..I still love the pictures though :)
old city hall tour2
Pulling in to the City Hall station
old city hall tour4
old city hall tour
the turnaround
My hair is getting long :).. Yeah..I am trying to grow!
old city hall tour5
Pictures by Esc photo

We went to old city hall station where New York City's underground railroad was officially opened on October 27th, 1904. Inside they have all these beautiful arches composed of cream tile with gloss green arches and brown trim edges. Three of the arches are set off by magnificent leaded glass skylights and twelve ornate brass electric chandeliers hung from the center of the vaults to light the platform along the track. The City Hall station was closed to the public on December 31st, 1945, and the chandeliers were were never turned off ever since. It's truly amazing and feels like a movie set.
We are the member of the New York Transit Museum so lucky for us, we got the chance to see this underground secret. You normally can't go to the City Hall station, they rarely schedule for this kind of tour. We've been waiting for a long time to do this and we were happy we finally get to see and experience it.

Sunday, May 23, 2010

Atalanta Weller

Atalanta Weller3Atalanta Weller2
Atalanta Weller1
Introducing London-based Atalanta Weller. I Love how the platforms are geometric and modern with some kind of architecture flavor to it. My favorite is the first pair, but I want them ALL!!! Haha.. I WISH

Source: Seven New York

Friday, May 21, 2010

AllSaints -> Opens in Soho Today

AllSaints collage
These babies would fit perfect in my closet. Today we went to the launch of All Saints from UK. The whole store is full filled with industrial sewing machine and shoe lasts!!! The interiors are INSANE!!! All the employees look like MODELS, Seriously!!! And they are super friendly as well. :) There are so many nice pieces in store that I'd like to buy but I don't see online. I was going gaga in the store the whole time!!! I want it all!!! I really like the silhouette and the drape from these pieces. The line is contemporary with a twist of edgy attitude to it. It's the cool kids' must have!!! Simple but practical!
Still can't afford em' yet. Too much bill to pay, I can only do this kind of window/web shopping and drool over em' all!!! Huh...

Source: AllSaints

Thursday, May 20, 2010

DIY: inspire by Armor jewelry

Sweat top from Shanghai, DIY armor jewelry, DIY add-on chain earrings, Zara drop crutch pants, Lace-up booties, Dior sunnies, Random spike and stud bracelets, Vivienne Westwood bag.
DIY armor jewelry ( Huh... I should have adjust the chains before i take pictures). AND I am pretty happy with my previous DIY add-on chain earrings!!!
Pictures taken by ESc
Pictures taken by ESc flickr

I DIY this armor piece last week and I have to say it took a lot longer than I expected.
It looks simple, but the chains are so fine/thin. It's so hard to work with, and every single chain needs to add extra jump rings. It's really not so easy task, but I'll have to say I am pretty happy with the outcome. What do you guys think??? :)

Wednesday, May 19, 2010

DIY: Add-on chain ear clip

You will need:
1. Chains, Pilers, Clips, E6000 glue, Ruler, tweezer, Earrings of your choice.
2. Measure the length of the chains that you want for your add-on ear clips.
3. Put the E6000 glue on the clips carefully with your tweezer.

DIY ear clip-Fashion Infusion

Ta.da. Finish!!!

Richard Nicoll1
Richard Nicoll F/W2010
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