Monday, July 19, 2010

Tiffany & Co. New collections preview party 2010

I was invited to this Tiffany & Co. New collections preview party, and I saw the $7 mil diamond necklace!!! I can only dream~~~ !!!
7 million dollars necklace!!!
7 mil
Otherwise my favorite will be this one below. ( Sorry the pictures I took that day at the party all turned out terribly! I am embarrassed to use any of them, so I use the pictures from Tiffany's site.) :P
Frank Gehry Leaves bracelet of Diamonds, 18 Karat Yellow, Rose and White Gold. Every single leave on top moves with your hand movement. It's precious!!!
DSC_5313 as Smart Object-1
This was what I wore to the Tiffany & Co. Party.. (My skirt kind of having Tiffany blue in it!) :P
DSC_5311 as Smart Object-1
H&M sunnies, Forever21 necklace, Viktor and Rolf for H&M blouse, ADAM crinkle and wrinkle skirt, lace-up booties, Glam Rock watches (Courtesy of Glam Rock), Italian alligator bag, H&M rings.
DSC_5322 as Smart Object-1
DSC_5317 as Smart Object-1
Pictures by Esc photo

I couldn't count how many people touched me/ my butt/ my skirt that day!!! The first thing people came up to me would be..Oh!!! I love your skirt!!! then started touching me. It's so funny everyone has the same reaction. When I first got this skirt, I was not so sure about it, because somehow I felt it makes me look fat?! or I should say bottom heavy?! Caz I am not the skinny skinny type of girl, and I have butt. Somehow, I don't really want to show/ emphasize me butt. SO this skirt makes me really uncomfortable/ insecure about my bottom. But after today people's reactions made me feel so much better and not think so much of it as a "Big butt skirt!!!" :PP and love the skirt as much as other people do as well. :)


  1. Those sunglasses are so nice!

  2. wow amazing photos the skirt is fab! come follow me xoxo

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