Monday, March 1, 2010



I saw this skirt last November from Jak & Jil, I've been wanting em' ever since.
I have a really bad habit to save pictures by simply right click without re-name (saving the right credit). So most of the time I do NOT remember where did i get the photos from. But this skirt was special.. It's in my head the whole time.. :P luckily I remember where it's from and able to check out the collection. It's soft, dreamy and romantic. Not typically my style, but I love it so much and couldn't forget it.

You guys have to check it out when you have time.. :)

Source: Calla


  1. that's a really great dress, I love it!

    Theory of a fashion victim


I appreciate any comments and thoghts, it makes me happy and grow. I will try to visit your blog and see who you are...Love, Becca :)

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