Sunday, March 28, 2010

christian siriano x payless


Got these babies last week after class!!! So excited!!! :)
It doesn't seem like too many people know about this collaboration. I was really surprise that i could still score one of them in my size!!!!!! Head over to payless if you like any of em'!!!


Source: Google image


  1. I love Christian Siriano and was so excited for this new season of his Payless shoes, but the selection at the store near me was bare. LOVE the ones that you purchased!

  2. Wow!! i love them and i love Christian!! just beautiful =)

  3. so gorgeous! are they out yet??? i heard about this last year, and have been on the hunt....

  4. holy wow, these are the best!! and I liked the ones you picked the most!! <3 <3 I didn't know about this collection!! I think these are going to look ahhhmazing on you!

  5. christine = christian

  6. To chichichic..
    They are out already for a while!!! I am not sure if it's still available. I knew you can't get it on payless site, so head over to payless and try your luck you might be lucky to score one yourself as well!!!! :)) Good luck!!!

  7. To Elle..
    :) Thank you!!! I think you should go to a couple payless to see if you can still score them! I also went to a couple store when i got mine! Good luck! Will be sick if you get it! :)

  8. To cocorosa..
    :))) Thank you!!! :P I think I can only wear em' to take pictures but not walk in em'..:P I think I'll die if i walk in em' for more than 20 mins..>///<

  9. Amazing shoes, they dont look like any ordinary pair of heels, that's what I like about them.
    I love the platform and the way the heel is curved, very unique.

    Theory of a fashion vicitm

  10. To 'Lee..
    The way the heel curved is my favorite part of the shoes as well.. :) I also like the mud-ish print. :P


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