Thursday, March 25, 2010

Kei Kagami 2010/2011 shoe collection


Kei Kagami graduated from Central Saint Martins, was given the final position at the college's graduation show in 1992. Fellow classmate Alexander McQueen had to settle for the next best spot, and presented his first collection in 2000. While McQueen exploded onto the global fashion arena, Kagami opted for a more subtle route which would not compromise his uniquely hands-on approach.

Resolutely cutting edge, KagamiĆ­s pioneering use of innovative materials set him apart. Under his skillful eye, YKK fastenings, metal gauze, ball and bicycle chains, winding mechanisms, hooks and other metallic components are incorporated into garments of incredible intricacy and are transformed into objects of beauty.

Never afraid to experiment, Kagami has said. This is how a true legendary designer inspire others!

Source: Diane, A Shaded View on Fashion and google

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