Sunday, March 14, 2010

DIY Ear Clip/ Ear Piece

My DIY Ear clip
The crystal ball drop
My DIY Ear clip
I love Paris
ear clip3

I've been busy preparing these kind of stuffs for my trunk show on March 21st in Soho NYC. I make a couple really cool body chain/jewelry as well. You can buy it that day at the show, otherwise you can head over to My Etsy to purchase..:)

I had purchased a ear clip last year from a show call "One of a kind", you can see it HERE, it's really eye-catching/ outstanding. I haven't wore it that much, because it grab attentions like no tomorrow and i am kind of shy for it..>///< I did a post about some ear clip from OAK the other day and they were sold out within 24 hours. Ear clip is definitely the shit as the newest trend!!!

***Shoot me an e-mail of leave me a msg if you are interested..It's kinda late here in NY. Gatta go to sleep, I'll try my best to post em' on My Etsy, Otherwise I'd be really glad to see any of you come over to the trunk show..>///< and i am going to do a little game kind of thing..If any of my readers come over to the show to purchase and mention "Fashion Infusion", you'll get a really special little gift from me. It's not gonna be cheap/cheesy. I promise!!!

Good night everyone!!! Hope you all had a great weekend!!!!! xoxo


  1. dear, those clip earrings are the shit! haha! how much would you be selling them? too bad i live way far from NY.

    do send me some love over at :)

  2. This comment has been removed by the author.

  3. I am really sorry that i've been busy like a chicken without head recently, I'll definitely head
    Over to deathbyplatforms and send you some love..
    > 3 <

    Let me know if you are interested.. :P


I appreciate any comments and thoghts, it makes me happy and grow. I will try to visit your blog and see who you are...Love, Becca :)

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