Sunday, November 28, 2010

Hello, Tainan, here we come!

DIY plaid top with sheer back, layered Zara jersey tops, bandage leggings from the street market in Taiwan, booties & leopard zipper bag from Korea, random jewelry, H&M sunnies. 3
I am not sure what this is, but it's inside the cultural center. It's kind of inspiring! 2
These handmade pencils are so cute!!!5
Over 100 years old preserved fruit store, it's really famous and one of the place you have to go if you visit Tainan. I love preserved fruit very much, I want to buy em' all. It took me a while to pick out what to buy and what to give up in there!!!
These are the candies I ate while I grew up, I can not get them anywhere besides the place of historic spot! These are newly made vintage candies, can't get them in Seven-Eleven!!!
These marshmallow are so cute!!! X'mas is comiing, so even marshmallow has to be done for the occasion!!! ;P
President Obama toothpaste pencil case. :D
An old temple! Still can't get over how it constructed.
Me & my friends, after over 10 yeras this is first time we take pictures together. It's rare for us, since everyone is in different cities for work, plus I am almost never in Taiwan. :) Besides THIS time!!!
They keep a part of the historic wall and make this into a Seven-Eleven?!?!?! Why???
Friendship forever!!! Xoxo Love you guys so much!!!
Steamed sandwich, duck with rice & duck viscera soup.
We eat so much that day I can't even count & follow! These are just a few of them. Plus we eat so much "Fear Factory" style stuff. Don't think you guys would find them interesting or tasty. ;p

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