Wednesday, November 17, 2010

Eat Love Play Shop

We arrived around 10PM, ran to our hotel to settle our suitcases then ran to Lotte supermarket to buy a hair styling curler and shop what we want to eat for the next 5 days. ;) We need the curler for work the next morning. So we HAVE TO get it! We were playing around in the market and took picture for all the snacks that we love.
We were crazy! These were what we bought that midnight. We spent over $100 dollars!!!
Dinner-C "Seng Gei Tong", our First dinner in Korea. It's SO goooood!!! My cousin taught me how to eat it. ;0 Huh..Like she is Korean.. :P
dinner -C2
2nd day dinner. We ate once a day due to the amount of work.P1020317-s
This was around 4AM! All those plastic bags are NOT trash, they are all clothing, shoes, bags or accessories waiting to be shipped.
4AM what everyone was eating. It's normal there, even while we were shopping, we saw so many people eating and the deliver guys.
The MOST spicy dukbogi I've ever eat!!! And we were eating it at 4AM!!! After about 5 mins, we both were sweating and sniveling! We could no longer eat it after 10 mins!!! Seriously! I could eat spicy food really well, but THIS was just WAY too INSANE!!!
Me & my cousin Cleo! P1020340-s
Another dinner with our "Date" that we met in Korea first day. He took us to this "high-end" restaurant at Mingdong. Bulgogi was great but expensive and not enough.
We went to have a coffee and cake after that "not enough" dinner. ;) Me and my cousin were BOTH still hungry. ;p
Almost X'mas....... I miss New York.......


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