Wednesday, September 1, 2010

Shanghai Day3

After 3 days of hard work..
Works finally done!!! It still needs some minor clean up for the workers to do, but our part is DONE!!! It's hard work, it really was!!! Working in the 100+ oven.
The Italian's work..
My mom & sis went out again for sightseeing..
I am not sure where they went, but they came back to the hotel pretty early every day due to the heat.
The umbrella didn't help at all!
After dinner, we went to The Bund for some nightseeing..It's SO crowded!!! It suppose to be romantic and beautiful, but it wasn't!!! Way toooooo many people and too much din!
We tried REALLY hard to take nice and steadily pictures..Unfortunately..It's really not easy, almost impossible with our shity point and shoot..The only full figure outfit shot I had..

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