Thursday, September 30, 2010

The lavender park

Last weekend we went to the lavender park in Taichung.. It's SoOooo far, so far into the mountain!!! Took like forever to get there!!! I was cursing the whole time while we drove there.. :P I don't have patience for that.
IMG_0473 -1
The whole way I was thinking.."It's better worth it".. I mean.. It's not bad, I was a little bit of disappointed from it. It's a lot smaller than what I've imagine.
Inevitably, I have to take a picture of the "SIGN".. It says.. "The Lavender Park".
IMG_0422 -1
Buta was like a crazy dog the whole day since we arrived.. He can't stop running, biting, rolling!!!
A nice shot of us, it's so difficult to get him to look at the camera. It's beautiful there.
You can make a pledge by writing down your wishes and hang on there.. Ha.. Not too many wishes I guess?! ;p or people just don't believe in it any more.. :)
Disney meets BEAMS T-shirt, vintage belt, vintage Levi's destroyed shorts+biker shorts, lace-up boots, Mulberry Alexa bag, Zara straw hat, random jewelry.
All kind of lavenders, and whoever you make your wishes to.. You can put your wish in the house of family, friend, lover, career..etc.
Running around the lavender mountain with the little "crazies".
Getting dark.. It's about time to leave..


  1. It looks so nice there! Love your bag. xoxo

  2. You look so cute. XxX


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