Thursday, September 16, 2010

One day trip

Today me and my friends went to an old city called "Jioufen 九份" in the middle of the mountain near Taipei city. We went there in the late afternoon, just about the right time to watch sunset with the right tempperature.. It's beautiful!!!
IMG_0239 -1
I felt like I was in a movie set with an old Chinese town. It's full filled with lanterns, and all the buildings were old tranditional Chinese brick houses. It's so cool!!!
This is one of the restaurant that all the tourists go.. We also went in there, after we settle down and looked at the menu, we decided to walk out from there.. The food was made for Japanese, it's Chinese food with Japanese twist to it. It's not for us, real Taiwanese.
I saw these fun/unique post cards there. It's 3D!!! When you buy it, it's like any other regular post card. There are lines that you need to follow to cut in order to make the post card 3D. It's really great idea and looks amazing! It's like playing with paper dolls!!! :)
This place freak me out..I remember that I saw this place on TV when I was in the US. It was talking about this person who dream about people.. dead people!!! He dreams about those people's faces and how they die. How they look when they die, and he'll mold clay figurines according to the faces in his dream. Eventually when the dead person was found, it always looked exactly like the clay he molded!!!!
Isn't it freaky????? I was freaking out while I was there.. I didn't expect to see this place there!!!
While I took the picture, I was thinking the picture might come out with some $%#@* (You know what I mean!!!).
We ended up here "Little Shanghai", It was pretty nice with great mountain/ocean view..
All the food were delicious!
Inside an art gallery! What I wore: Strong shoulder T-shirt from the street vendor in Taiwan, Pepe jeans corset/belt, Zara drop crotch pants, lace-up booties, YSL shoulder bag, random jewelry.
I am so sorry for the lack of post!!! There were so much going on and so much in my mind. I didn't feel good for posting.. I am still here in Asia, Still not sure yet when I can get to go back to the US.. Feel really DOWN for the past two weeks almost, but I feel better now. I mean what can I do?! There is nothing I can do at the moment to change this situation. I can only be patient and keep all my fingers cross.......


  1. Looks like a nice day trip,
    would love to be in Taiwan now!

    mmm... really start to miss ni

    Da PAn Xxx

  2. You look so cute!!! It looks so nice there, would love to visit Taiwan. xoxo


I appreciate any comments and thoghts, it makes me happy and grow. I will try to visit your blog and see who you are...Love, Becca :)

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