Tuesday, September 21, 2010

MoMmY HaPpy BiRthDaY..

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The subway in Kaohsiung (not too many people are using the subway here, everyone uses motorcycle!); the street scene (close to central park).
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I went out to fix my ripped pants and took this chance I went for a little shopping in the neighborhood..it's weekday early afternoon, not too many people on the street yet. I also went to buy my mom's birthday cake, I forgot to order in advance. So I can only go to the bakery and pick up whatever was there. Unfortunately, I didn't like the taste and the design from the first two bakeries, so I have to drive around to look for the "right" (right for me at least ;P) cake.
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We went out for dinner to celebrate so she doesn't need to cook. We went to Cantonese Yum Cha!
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Our dinner..Roasted suckling pig, shrimps cook w/chinese medicine, sesame leek, chinese pancake, native green vegetable, black beans and tofu.
Mom and dad! XxX.. I was telling them before this year, I was never home for the past 10 years for their Birthday or any holiday. It was always my brother ans sister were home to keep them company. BUT this time, it's opposite!!! Only I am home and they are NOT! I guess it's a good thing?! At least they have one kid at home with them :).
After dinner.. took a "family" picture, although my bro & sis can't be here!
The birthday cake that I picked for my mom. She was complaining that she is only 51 instead of 52!!! But she likes the cake anyway.. ( She has to like it! I went to 3 different bakeries to look for a nice cake for her!!!)
Another "family" photo w/ Buta..He was out of control!!! Can NEVER stop moving! Not even for one second.
IMG_0399400 -1
What I wore: Chloe Chen chiffon blouse, mom's vintage knit vest, studded belt, Forever 21 necklace, random bangles from the street vendor, 1010 biker jeans, Mulberry Alexa bag, black chiffon wedges, Glam Rock watch.
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  1. haha
    u started to find old clothe hah?
    i wish i were there:'(

  2. You look PERFECT! Totally wished I had that bag!!
    xoxo Debby

  3. You look AMAZING!!! Love the whole look! xoxo Kate


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