Tuesday, August 17, 2010

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Random top/cover-up and leggings from the street market in Taiwan, Givenchy wannabe wedges, random studs and spike bracelets, Forever 21 + H&M rings, DIY necklace, Glam Rock watch (Courtesy of Glam Rock).

I felt like I was wearing a pneumatic pillow around my neck the whole time. ;P It's kind of cool, but SoOooo HOT!!! I was dying with the 100+ temperature here!!!
This was NOT exaggerated at all!!! This was not even a lot, in Taiwan, the proportion of cars and motorcycles are about 1:100?! or 1:100+. I am serious!!! I got my first motorcycle when i was 18, think about it. Every single kids get their first motorcycle around 18 years old and the population in Taiwan is 23 millions. For sure over half of that amount of people own a motorcycle!!! So this is only a little corner of the iceberg. :P
Street scene, where I went for dinner.
We were waiting for over 30 mins?! I really want to eat here, so I waited!!! I love the old school feel, it brought back old childhood memory of mine and my parents.
This is the Menu, It's so cute!!!
There are so many different type of tranditional Taiwanese food to choose from!!! I don't know what to order, I want to taste them ALL!!!!
IMG_5575 -1
What we ordered in the end: Spicy shredded pork; Shrimp pancake.
Shredded ginger with %$#@ (You don't want to know :P); scallion egg pancake.
It's a restaurant with old school deco from 40~50 years ago. It's like my parents' time. I thought it's cool to bring back old stuff, vintages are IN right now. Even for interior design I guess?!?! :)
The interiors were kind of all over the place, it's almost like the old time; the old grocery store in Taiwan.
I was like a curious little girl trying to take as many pictures as I can, but still did NOT get enough. I wish I did walk around more to take more photos of every single corner~ >///< IMG_5560-s
Cool place! Great food! I'll definitely miss here. I'd love to come back here again and walk through the whole place with a better camera. :P


  1. Sooo interesting to learn all the new things :) You get a car with 18 in German and a motorcycle with 16 :D hehe

    Love the black and white dress :D




  2. Wow I never knew about the importance of a motorcylce in Taiwan!! So cool! I loveee those wedges - wish you told us where they are from.

  3. love your outfit...

  4. I love that top and your SHOES!!!


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