Friday, August 6, 2010

Day 4

We went out for some shopping and afternoon tea in a little street in the middle of the city. Normally in Aisa I do NOT like/want to sit outside at all due to the air pollution. Although this place is located in the middle of the city, but it's relaxing and leisurely.
It's a really small handmade ice-cream place, their ice-cream is really good and pretty cheap for New York standard. We each had double scoops it cost only US$8.00 for 3 of us. Can't complain, plus with the relaxing space like this to chill for no matter how long we wnated to, right?! :)
We were there for a while to chat and take pictures!_MG_1583-s
Some deco from the place, the whole street has a little bit of European feeling to it (I felt). :P
Hahahaha.. Me and my sister were taking pictures of ourself and my bro was taking pictures of us. :P
Today was kind of slow for us because we woke up super late and it was rainning like no tomorrow. So we waited untill almost dusk, after the rain stopped to go out.
I wore ALX one shoulder top, sample high-waist shorts, DIY necklace, Chloe Sevigny booties, Forever 21 earrings, Glam Rock watches (courtesy of Glam Rock), random bangles, YSL shoulder bag.
Our 5 months old Maltese BooTa, it's japanese little piggy. I mean, it's my brother's dog and BooTa is not fat at all. So I don't know where this name comes from?! :P Perhaps---Sound??? Anyway, BooTa is really cute!!! >///< and we brought him almost everywhere we went.


  1. I LOVE your outfit and the place looks great!! Xoxo..

  2. where are those shorts from again? i absolutely adore them and if there's any chance of me owning a pair like them, i would love to know.


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