Monday, August 2, 2010

First day

This was what I wore to the airport on Saturday. It's crazy how long it takes to fly to Asia. I arrived here Monday morning at 6.00 am. Maybe one day we could have bullet airplane so it'll take something like 4 hours. :P
Zara straw hat, H&M stripe top, Zara drop crutch pants, lace-up booties, DIY necklace, YSL oversized tote, Glam Rock watch ( Courtesy of Glam Rock)
We went out to have some food that I missed at the department store. Sorry for the shitty quality photos, these are the best I could get at the moment with my little shitty point and shoot.
Afterwards we went to the bookstore! Have a slow and relaxing first day! Can't wait for tomorrow to cut my hair..>///<
DIY necklace, H&M ruffle dress, vintage belt, Zara drop crutch pants, Givenchy wannabe wedges
Hope evryone has a great weekend, I'lltry to post more fun stuff! It's tough though, don't have my boy to take pictures for me here and I am SO not used to use the PC and photoshop with my bro and sis's computer..>///<>


  1. i love both of your outfits!!! Are you in taiwan?

  2. you still look stunning even with these point&shoot photos! i love your make-up!

    do send me some crazy lovin' over at :)

  3. You guys both look so cute!!! XxX

  4. Wish i was there!
    Look forward to see your new hair :P

  5. To PurpleRain..
    Yes, I am in Taiwan. :))

  6. To Kookie B.
    Hahahaha..Thank you so much! I was so disappointed with the pictures, but I don't want to not post because of this reason. :P You gave me courage. Xoxo :))

  7. To Anonymous..
    Thank you so much!!! My sister would be so happy to hear that. ;P

  8. To Da Pan..
    Hahaha..I know!!! Next time!!! I wish you are here as well, then my pictures would not be this bad!!! Xoxo :P


I appreciate any comments and thoghts, it makes me happy and grow. I will try to visit your blog and see who you are...Love, Becca :)

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