Sunday, August 15, 2010

Day 8


DKNY silk top, H&M lace shorts, vintage belt, H&M necklace, Accento Squisito wedges, random bracelets, Melburry Alexa bag, Forever21 rings.

Before we leave for dinner, unavoidably we shall take some pictures!!! :P It's the last dinner for my family all together, after this my bro is going to the army!!! So SAD for him!!! He is nervous and scared! I would be if I'll have to go?!?!?! Can't imagine!!!
We went to Yum Cha at The Lees Hotel in Kaohsiung. This was forst time, we've never been to yum Cha here. It was delicious. A lot better than the other place that we used to go!! They drive this kind of the cart with all different kind of food around the room and you could pick out the dishes that you'd like to eat. It's fun and exciting experience for food shopping I feel! :P
_MG_1748 -1
Roasted pork; duck tongue


Dry fish


shrimp inside (I am not sure how this one is called >///<)


This cart is for dessert!


Pumpkin soup; almond pudding with fruit cup.

_MG_1756 -1

The most traditional cantonese Dim Sum!!!


Not sure what I was thinking but I am quite sure I was satisfied. Food here were incredible, not only here but the whole Taiwan island. I can never get enough here, I ate like a pig here. :P I hope you guys can come to try it yourself!!! Sorry for the lack of post recently, I'll try to make it up soon. I am leaving Taiwan pretty soon and heading to Shanghai, China. I might have bad news....... I hope NOT. But I think it's gonna be BAD.......

Hope you guys had a great week/weekend!!! Xoxo


  1. I miss that food!!! Well maybe not the duck tongue :P lol
    Merlin and me hope the news is good!!!

    Ps: Tell Josh to stay strong, I feel bad for him


  2. I miss the food in china. You look good from head to toe.

  3. the food looks delicious, so yummy :) love your shorts, super cute!

    clothes are cute
    clothes are cute

  4. Why have I not seen those shorts at H&M??!! I am so jealous that I do not own them right now. They look fab on you!

  5. YOU look amazing hun, love those shorts!! Such different food, glad you had a good time :)


  6. honey, i love your lace shorts and your sister's black wedges!

  7. You look so good!!! LOVELOVELOVE that shorts! Can't believe I miss it?!?!


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