Sunday, August 29, 2010


We took the regular train instead of the high speed train to Tainan..Yeah..We were so happy to get out of our city to somewhere NEW and different!!!
This was the Cafe' that my bro told us to go, it's located in the weirdest place! It's in the middle of the old apartment buildings!!!
When you walked in, you'll see these.. So Japanese!!!
I loved the feel about this place, it's kind of like a hidden paradise.
The entrance..
I don't really like this!!! I need to take off my shoes! I mean everyone needs to take off the shoes. It's kind of annoying and inconvenience.
It's like someone's apartment or a library..
I loved all the cold concrete with woods and little greens everywhere..It's so relaxing and feeling like home.
Everything is very simple but stylish..
1 -1
I was trying to get a good shot of the afternoon tea that I ordered..
It felt so comfy and relaxing! I almost feel like I was home.. ;P
I loved the outside even more! Loved the fish pond, loved the way they plant the trees/flowers..etc. Loved the randomness..
What we wore that day..I didn't bring that much of clothing back to Aisa. I was running out of clothing and I still can't find anything to buy so far.. ;p Boooooooo..
Another building I saw around downtown eara, it looks pretty good! My style!
This is a hospital, can you believe it??? It's a hospital built to look like a temple?!?!?! WHY???
Afterwards, we went to eat some real/tranditional Tainan snack..It's delicious!!!
Smelly tofu smells really bad, but tase really GOOD!!!

I am stuck in Asia at the moment due to some Visa issue!!! I miss New York so much!!!! I can't wait to go back and I hope I could get to go back a.s.a.p.!!! Asia makes me lazy. ;P I didn't have anything here belongs to me to work on, and I don't have a job! GOD..please bless me that I can go back to the US SOOOOON!!!!! Plzzzzzzzzzzzz.......


  1. That coffee shop looks so beautiful..and you still look good, you're making the most out of what you brought with you to travel which is a challenging thing to do.

    drop by sometime:

  2. Good luck to you! hope you can come back soon. You look good with what you have! The cafe' looks amazing!!! Xoxo

  3. I love your accessories and your shoes on all posts!! (and *cough* *cough* your bag of course!) It seems that you had a really nice time! :)

  4. that place looks great,
    would move in asap!

    miss ni


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