Friday, November 20, 2009

Daul Kim..


I can' believe this is true?!?! She is gone forever..
At age young and so beautiful..
She will be missed..

* After i read her blog, i admire he courage of putting her most private feeling out there on her blog and share with others. Others she doesn't even know. Sometimes you get hurt by doing this, because there were always negative people around. Trying to give you negative comments and make you feel bad. But she is strong enough to do so. I admire her with my heart.
R.I.P Daul.......


  1. I know!! I can't believe it, I think she was a very very intelligent girl too, beautiful inside and out, I was really impressed with what she wrote on her blog too, and yes, its really hard and scary to be that personal on a blog and I really admire her courage too, I'm really sad and upset by this, she was so young... :(

  2. To Cocorosa..
    I know..this morning when i read about this, i couldn't believe this is truth. so i went on google to search the news result..
    Can't believe?!?!
    SoOooo SAD!!!

  3. I finally discovered that you can subscribe to comments!! I didn't know that :)

    yes, It breaks my heart when young people don't see any other way out of their shadows and clouds :( and she was soooooo gorgeous and fun!!

    My coworkers started to call me cocorosa sometimes too, they would be cocorosa... ehhh Chantal..ehhh :) too funny,

    oh and with the "comments" oh boy, it can get crazy like really bad!! so you should never ever ever take it personal and never be afraid to be yourself on the blog because of stupid people, Ohhhh I really learned to toughen up and still I'm careful not to be too personal so when I was reading Daul's blog I really got sad, everything came straight out of her heart :(

  4. To Cocorosa..
    I don't quiet get it..
    what do you mean you can subscribe to comments?!?!
    With the "comments"..Haha..i am not that popular, so I didn't have that bad yet! Hopefully I'll never get that bad..>///< Did you get attack by the comments???? SO crazy though!
    I know..She is brave! So Sad!


I appreciate any comments and thoghts, it makes me happy and grow. I will try to visit your blog and see who you are...Love, Becca :)

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