Tuesday, August 23, 2011

Shark attack

I wore this outfit last weekend to meet some friends in Brooklyn heights, the weather was beautiful when I left so I drove my motorcycle to enjoy the nice weather. God knows what, by 7.00PM we started to notice that the sky turned to dark grey in almost no time; so the moment we noticed that, we decided to leave right away. We drove so fast on the highway to try to avoid the bad weather, while we were almost home, I mean we can see our apartment while we were waiting for the lights. Then the rain came like a crazy storm. From the traffic light to the apartment would take less than 3 mins literally. But the rain was so insane, we got home drenched!!! We were soaked! But we were both laughing so badly, it was funny we were racing with the weather. That made the whole soaking experience felt not too upsetting. ;P
Stella McCartney sunnies, tie dye shark print t-shirt (I folded the sleeve up and add shoulder pads to it! ;P), BCBG feather ruffle skirt, uptights body harness, lace-up booties, DIY skull ankle bracelet, Iosselliani, Forever 21 bracelets, Glam Rock watch (Courtesy of Glam Rock).
These is probably one of my most favorite pair of shoes in my whole wardrobe. I wore these babies to death. I wore them for the past two summers, and honestly almost everyday. They are so comfortable for me to run around and about town, and I'll have to say they go with pretty much every outfit that I would come up with!! :)

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  1. amazing outfit!! i love the whole look and the photos!!

  2. amazingly cool look! The t-shirt in combination with such a flashy skirt is a perfect outfit!

  3. LOVE your shirt and what you've done to it. You are so creative. Love the glasses, too. Another great post.

  4. this outfit is sooooooo cool! the t-shirt is so fiercce!!!!! <3 your skirt remind me charleston years and your shoes are cute!!! LOVE LOVE LOVE!!!



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