Wednesday, October 6, 2010

Paipai Zan

We went to a restaurant named "Paipai Zan" on Monday. I love the interior, especially that curved lamp!
Very simple and modern..Plus I like the color combinations of this place.
IMG_0483 -1
BBQ ribs for me, and my friend's "FRY" steak..YES, it's a piece of steak! I tried it, if my friend Megan did not tell me it's a steak then I can't tell. There is an offer and a record about this steak. There is a girl who weight like 100 pounds, she ate 3 orders of this steak meal, so if anyone who can eat more than 3 here. Then you can get your meal for free.. :) My friend Megan was seriously consider about this offer. :P She weight like 110! If she can make it, then she'll be on TV and newspaper. So she is thinking to challenge it. :)))
Those "things" are so funny!!! It's for toilet paper!!! I thought the "ass & man's nose" are pretty funny. :))) Megan was thinking to get one?!?!?!.......
Oversized shirt from the street vendor in Taiwan, Zara drop crutch pants, my sis's heels, random jewelry.
I have only 2 pair of shoes here, I can't help but steal my sister's shoes to wear.. ;P

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