Thursday, October 28, 2010

2010 Korea V

Zara straw fedora hat, blouse and jacket bought in Korea, self-altered high-waist shorts, vintage belt, oversized ring bought in Korea, YSL oversized canvas tote, lace-up booties, Forever 21 necklace.
It's time to go home!!! Look what we all get, we have 2 extra boxes of KimChi on the side waiting for us! Crazy.. We came with less than half full, and went back with fully loaded suitcases!!!IMG_1293-s
The airport is so nice and clean, very spacious, bright and comfy.IMG_1303-C
The "DUNKIN' DONUTS" in Korea airport looks so delicious!!! SO many choices!!!
Very stylish ice-cream/ coffee shop!
We spent our 2 hours of waiting time here!!! Since the whole duty-free shops in the airport are ALL high-end designers! Plus we spent ALL the $$$ shopping in Korea, so we have no $$$$ left to shop even more so we decided to experience some of the Korean cultural. We can do 4 different types of cultural experiences there, but we both choose to paint the fan?!?!?! WHY~~~
It look SOOooo long!!! Eventually, it took us almost 2 hours, because they use watercolors. It dried SO slow!!! and it's hard to control due to too much water instead of the color. :(
Damn!!! They even had a parade in the airport with the tranditional Korean clothing walking around the airport to provide people to take pictures with them?!?! Really thoughtful and different.
Our lunch, the hotdog looks so good, we couldn't resisit to get one although we are going to get the airplane meal soon! and~~~STARBUCKS!!!
My first Starbucks since I get back to Asia!!! I've been drinking the "bubble tea" almost every day!!! So I was so excited to drink starbucks!!! ;P~~~ I forgot how good it taste~~~LOVE!!!


  1. i love your jacket...and the traditional korean parade in the something i want to definitely check out..cute...great pics...!!!!

  2. Love your outfit and the activities at Korea airport look fun. Thanks for sharing! Xoxo

  3. yeah Korea looks really nice,
    and so do you of course ;O)


  4. It looks fun! You look so cute as usual. xoxo

  5. stunning photos, thanks for sharing! you are so stylish!!


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