Sunday, October 24, 2010

2010 Korea III

Today's theme of the trip was "The sightseeing of Korean Soap Opera background"?!?!?! So we first went to the little fishing village from this KSP called "Bluelove". Nothing there really, but it's popular and became one of the sightseeing place somehow you have to go here in Korea, although I am not sure why?!
Then we went to "Seoraksan National Park". The weather SUCK ASSsssss!!! None stop raining!
It's annoying to go to this kind of sightseeing spot in the raining day, kind of spoiled our pleasure.
I guess they believe in Buddhism. We have lots of this kind of huge Buddha in Taiwan as well.
We thought the name of this bridge was funny.. It reads to tell people to cleanse the heart of your sin!!! :) So we took a picture as our commemorate. :P
One of the temple inside the park. We wore the same jacket that we bought together on day 1. :)
The mountain view looks so nice there! Feels like a Asia wonderland. :P
We thought this was funny, we can't read (don't understand) what these Korean signs mean, we were joking maybe the one point at me or my friend means "Toilet" or "#$@%&" whatever. ;P
We saw this "I LOVE Taiwan" flag while we were waiting for the boat to "Nami Island". :))) Visit Taiwan, plzzzzzzz!!!
We took the boat on the way to "Nami Island".. One of the most famous/popular KSO called "Winter Sonata" ever filming spot.
This is Kimchi's home!!! Kimchi live inside!!! :))) Kimchi need to live under certain temperature, so they need to live inside these houses. ;P So funny, it looks like the primitive man's house. :p
This is their pond to make a pledge. :) So how it works..You stack the rocks as high as you can and don't let it fall..
I love this!!! Could be a post card i think. ;p It's for all the lover who came here together!
This Buddha was lucky to have two girls kissing him. ;P
I love these cell phone accessories, so cute!!! It's easy to DIY! You can cut a long strip piece of felt and cut it into fringe shape, cut one extra strip of felt at the same width of the fringe and sandwich it in the middle. Then roll it into a cylinder shape, and glue it to stable it.. Tahda.. DONE!!! :) Easy..No?
We went to "Myeong-dong" for dinner!!!
OMG..This was a heaven on earth!!!!!!! So delicious!!!! Can't control my saliva just by thinking of this!!! One of the best meal I liked by far on this trip. :)
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I wore: Jacket bought in Korea, vintage plaid shirt, 1010 motor jeans, vintage studded belt, YSL shoulder bag, lace-up booties, random knit hat.


  1. Love your style!!!!!! I check your blog everyday, thanks for all the outfit posts. They really have inspired me =)

  2. To sweetk1sse5 ..
    Thank you SO much!!! I am grateful for people like you to keep me going. :) Xoxo Love

  3. Love your plaid shirt and the way you wore it!!!!

  4. Korea has the largest percentage of Christians per capita than any other nation in the world. The number of temples in Korea are vastly outnumbered by the number of neon crosses that light up the night sky.


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