Wednesday, October 20, 2010

2010 Korea II

I wore all my sister's clothes from Japan, vintage belt, YSL shoulder bag, lace up booties, Zara fedora, random cheap glasses from the street vendor and Gap umbrella.
Today we went to "Everland Resort" at Gyeonggi-do in Seoul.. The weather was not so great that day, was rainy and gray. Kind of spoil our pleasure of being there. It was so cold, me and my friend was so foolish, we thought the weather there would be similar as Taiwan. So we BOTH did not bring any worm clothes!!! So stupid!
Megan and I bought the same jacket what she was wearing last night, and I don't know what was I thinking in the morning while I dressed up?! I did NOT wear any jacket?!?!?! How silly I was?? I was freezing my ass off there!!!
I don't really know what "Pumpkin" has to do with Everland Resort, but it was everywhere!!!.. Uhhhh..Maybe Halloween??? (I wish I can go back to New York before Halloween!)
Trying on all kind of hats in the store.. I can't believe how light my hair is?!?! I want to dye it darker..What do you guys think??? My root already is darker anyway.
Megan wanted to take pictures of these hair bands since she didn't want to buy it but still want to have the memory of it. ;P
Haha..Can you tell I photoshop her into my picture! We each took one picture for each other since there is no one else there to take picture for us. So I did a quick fix.. :p How was it??? Can you tell??? She said we have to take pictures here, it's a "Must Do" thing when you come to Everland Resort?! Really??? Plus she said one of the Korean soap opera was filming from here, this background?! (I don't really know.. :P)
Pumpkin everywhere..
Took the cable car to go to another part of the resort for visiting wild animal. ;P
1. Took the tour bus into the wild zoo. 2. I love that black bear!!! The way he sat, how cute was it?! 3. "Liger".. It's the kid from a lion and a tiger. There were not too many of the liger in the world, and they have 5 here in this wild zoo. They normally don't live longer than 5 yeras!
Our lunch at the resort, Pork chop and Udon noodles.
The candy store looks so colorful and tasty.. Kids can't resisit the temptation of the candies!!!
The dinner was not so great so we bought LOTS of late night snacks... :)))
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  1. that bench with a chick looks absolutely adorable.

  2. Omg, that's such a pretty candy store. You look adorable.

  3. Looks like you have a lot of fun there! you look lovely. Xoxo

  4. To shapewear..
    Thank you so much!!! :)

  5. To Anna G..
    Thank you! :) Your Serena or Usagi & Luna Sailor Moon looks are so interesting and ontstanding!! cute! definitely will stand out!:)


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