Monday, October 18, 2010

2010 Korea I

Zara fedora hat, Zara double layer silk top, double breast jacket from Korea, drop crutch pants from the street vendor in Taiwan, lace-up booties, YSL oversized canvas bag, random jewelry.
On the high speed train to the airport! We fly from Taipei, it'll take only 2 hours and half to fly to Seoul, Korea! Can't wait!!!
The nursery at the airport in Taipei, Taiwan. Asians LOVE "Hello Kitty"?!?! We even have Hello Kitty flight to go to Japan?! Everything is Hello Kitty, even the food!!
Take a picture to commemorate our trip! :)
Our food in the plane! (See the tube on the right hand side! It's a Korean spicy/hot sauce?!?!..
WTF.. in the airplane! Normally it's for Korean bibiba! Surprisingly we get it on the plane.)
At Korea airport, this is only a little airport corner!!! There are SO many people visiting Korea, it's insane there.
Just as expected it's one of the top 10 airport in the world, spacious, bright, clean and comfy!
Waiting for another suitcase! Snatch a moment of leisure taking a picture! ;p Me & Megan.. We've known each other for over 10 years?!?!?! Can't believe that!!! Means..I am getting SO OLD!!!
First dinner in Korea! "蔘雞湯 Seng Gei Tong", it's delicate! First time for me, not so used to the taste.. ;p taste like nothing, but still tasty.
Doota department store.. I heard in this area, almost every single department store opens 24/7?!?! Amazing, isn't it?! You can NEVER get bored here, only you NEED to have lots of $$$!
There are so many other department stores like Migliore, Hello apM, Cerestar..etc.
"清溪川"..It has something to do with the President, but I forgot the complete story. ;p
"DongDaeMun" one of the landmark in Seoul!
Yeah!!! We've been here! This picture is our memento!
Our hotel room, not exclusive but clean and cosy.
Banana milk!!! I saw this drink in almost ALL the Korean soap opera, so I always wanted to try!!! Finally!!! It tatses pretty good, and the most important thing's CHEAP!
In the convenient store.. Countless kind of drinks and instant noodles.
My night snack.. ;p I LOVE the drinks in Asia!!! First day we get back to the hotel at 12.30 AM.


  1. Hey, here is some tips

    (1) visit the place called " Ap Gu Jung" and
    E Hwa Women's University.
    (2) Try Street Foods, instead of fancy, expensive foods

  2. is that ur new suitcase?
    soooo cute!!!
    plz... come back a.s.a.p. okay?
    I misss you!
    it's weird that u r there i'm here....

  3. WOW!!. I kinda got impressed by your blog, dont know why. BUt i just like it.
    1. You are cute
    2. Your style is awesome
    And I ahve one question. What do you work with? Are you travelling with work or for your own private life:P ?

    / K Cheng from Sweden

  4. You look so cute! Korea looks nice, i wish i have the chance to go there as well!!! Xoxo

  5. to K..
    Thank you so much!!! Thanks for the compliment! :)
    I work for the fashion industry, but all the recent posts are for my private life due to some issue of the visa. :P
    Trying to keep myself busy i guess?! :)

  6. To Ginger..
    I wish you are here or I am there as well!!! It's actually not my suitcase, it's Megan's.. :)
    I miss you too, i might be back by the end of the month or the beginning of next month! I keep my fingers cross!!!!!!!!!1

  7. To Rachel..
    Haha..It's too late though! I am back to Taiwan! But I went to E Hwa Women's University though. It's nice there and i bought lots of stuff there. :P


I appreciate any comments and thoghts, it makes me happy and grow. I will try to visit your blog and see who you are...Love, Becca :)

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