Monday, October 25, 2010

2010 Korea IV

Today we went to "KimChi School" to learn how to make KimChi!!! :) The teacher was explaining how to, and what we'll need in order to make KimChi. She said there are like 360 different kind of KimChi here in Korea?!?!?! How amazing is that??? I wish I can get to try all of em'! (I love KimChi!!!) The last pic on the right was the KimChi that I made! How does it look??? :)))IMG_1160-C
We were preparing..everyone gets an apron to avoid the spices spout out! ;)
Then we went to try on the Traditional Korean Costume! It's not too complicated, it's pretty easy and simple to wear. Megan and I ended up getting the similar color costume. ;p She said I looked Japanese??? Really??? Maybe..Because of my hair color???
Asians~ Asians~ Asians~ Can never stop taking photos of selves! ;P
Dinner & lunch remix.. The bibibap and the ox-tail soup taste pretty good.
Vintage dress, vintage studded belt, cross mesh legging from the street vendor in Taiwan, lace-up booties, YSL shoulder bag, random jewelry.
We were at the "Cheong Wa Dae", it's the presidential palace. We went to the museum there and get to learn a little bit of the history from Korea! ;P
The coffee shop at the museum! I love the interior design, it's clean, cosy and spacious.
I am not sure what this robot, but they said after 10 years here in Korea, you don't need to do anything the robot will maneage everything for you. Even the robot can scan your mood and pick a movie for you to watch, and they'll do all the house cleaning and cooking for you. How amazing is that??? I want one!!!
Afterwards we went to "Ewha Women University" for shopping!!! We were so rush, we shopped like no tomorrow in one hour and 10 mins time and bought almost everything that we thought looks nice from the first-sight... So bad.. There was no time to think over and hesitate! We don't want to regret! ;p It's the paradise for shopping!!! We both kept complaining that we wish we'll have more time, and decided that we need to come back to Korea again only for shopping!!! ;P
I'll show you guys what I bought on this trip later..;)


  1. love your dress/sweater...its greatly styled...and have always wanted to visit make it seem more...exciting....those foods are beautifully prepared...and about that robot thingy...if that does happen then..everyone will become...couch potatoes..with pot-bellies...and thats not a good thing it..heeheee...
    much love...
    take care...bisous...

  2. I love those leggings soooooo much, I would pay for them if you could find me some...when are you going back to Taiwan :(

  3. To The Glam Garage..
    No problem!!! I'll get one for you~ It's $30.00 dollars, is it okay? :))

  4. To Vogueish..
    Hahahaha.. I know!!! BUt I'd still love to have one of those robot if it really becomes reality. ;p Korea is lots of fun and have a lot to shop and offer.. ;p Def one of the spot to visit!!! :)

  5. wow! those traditional outfits are so beautiful! i really love them! and i love seeing so many pictures from Asia! i'm jealous i really want to go!
    xx. alyssa

  6. Those food look delicious!!! You look so cute with the traditional clothing!!! ;) xoxo

  7. To Alyssa..
    Thank you so much!!! You should come to Asia!!! It's fun place and good experience!!! :) XxX

  8. To Kate..
    Thank you!!! You are always so sweet!!!

  9. can you please tell me the directions to kimchi school? where do you sign up for the class?


I appreciate any comments and thoghts, it makes me happy and grow. I will try to visit your blog and see who you are...Love, Becca :)

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