Thursday, June 30, 2011

Dreamy rainbow

Say hello to my new favorites for my feet-the "Brave" booties. These booties are so comfortable! I wore them whole day running around the city, unfortunately I forgot to bring my camera while I was out. So I end up take these pictures on my Balcony. I wanted to post this early Thursday, but Blogger went bonkers and I couldn't make my post go publish at that time so I kind of don't remember at all what I was written so I will leave you with this...

See by Chloe sheer sequin top, DIY multi-color stripe shorts, vintage jewelry, lace socks from Taiwan, Wanted shoes (Courtesy of Wanted shoes), Glam Rock watches (Courtesy of Glam Rock).
I don't know why and how my hair end up so terribly, it's like some wizened straw!!! I don't know what kind of product I should used for that?!?! Do you guys have any tips? I'd appreciate it... ;)
I love the crochet details from the side. It's different! ;)
DSC_6995-sLovely hide away..(I consider this as a little "garden!"). No need to weed, It's great! ;P

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  1. love those shorts!! how did you diy them??

  2. Heyyy Missy :)

    I'll be in New York for a super dupper short trip doing a blogger project!! July 5th till July 10th!! Let me know if you want to catch up on the 8th or the 9th!! I misssss the food and shopping so much haha :p

  3. To Chantal..
    Sure!! The 8th would be better for me though.. Let me know when and where you want to meet! :) It's been SooOooo LONG!!! Ha... :) I don't know if you still have my number or not, just let me know so I can text you or call.

  4. To April..
    I made a pattern for the shorts..You might be able to trace the pattern from your existing shorts then cut and sewn.. ;P

  5. There is a thing from SHU UEMURA called ESSENCE ABSOLUTE TREATMENT is good for your hair. Maybe you should try it! XO

  6. you're style is so sweet and stylish!
    i really love your blog!

    am your newest follower.:)


I appreciate any comments and thoghts, it makes me happy and grow. I will try to visit your blog and see who you are...Love, Becca :)

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