Thursday, June 23, 2011

Ideas for DIY

8idea for DIY
I'd really like to DIY these babies.
10idea for DIY
These key-chain bracelets should be one of the easiest DIY's that you can find!
11idea for DIY
3idea for DIY
This MMM's fringe shirt should be super duper easy for DIY!!! Just take a fringe trim and mark No. 1 on the over-sized T-shirt, then sew it on! Easy breezy!
2idea for DIY
5idea for DIY
7idea for DIY
6idea for DIY
9idea for DIY
4idea for DIY
Some more great pieces for DIY! Doesn't necessary to make the whole thing, I was thinking more like taking an already exist piece of clothing and transform/experiment on them.

Source: pixiemarket, nastygal, whowhatwear and some online images that I lost track


  1. thanks so much for sharing! I have a ton of saved images on my laptop of DIY inspirations, I think I'll do a post as well!!

    Thanks for sharing!

    XO Sahra

  2. I actually was working on the friendship bracelets...i'm obsessed but I would advise looking up a youtube video for a tutorial...its easier then the photos on Honestly WTF even though that's one of my fav. blogs.


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