Tuesday, January 4, 2011

Solestruck shopping bag

shopping bag-660-N
Holly Shit! I haven't go on Solestruck for a really long time, and recently found they have so many sick shoes on the site NOW!!! Damn.. So many rad shoes there, I can't get enough of them. Here are some of my favorite picks!!! :) What about you? Go and have a look, I am sure you'll see something you like!!!! :P

Left to right:
* Sam Edelman shoes Wynn (Mahogany-Leather)
* Irregular Choice shoes Flashing Lights
* Jeffrey Campbell shoes Meeker
* Messeca shoes Coraline
* Minimarket Space Pump(Black Crocco Patent)
* Friis shoes Raja
* Jeffrey Campbell Pixie
* Jeffrey Campbell Wrecker
* Jeffrey Campbell Abierto
* Finsk shoes
* Jeffrey Campbell Ferme (Khaki Suede)

Source: Solestruck


  1. Some look really amazing! I love shoes that look a little odd :p

  2. i like so many jeffrey's shoes that i lost the count!! haha

  3. awesome choices. wish i could afford all the shoes i want from solestruck!

  4. Awe! I love how they are all in a shopping bag border.

  5. So cute with the shopping bag!!! Love this great idea! xoxo

  6. To Dodo..
    Me too!!! I especially love those odd ones!!! It's hard to not noticing them! :p

  7. To Casandra ..
    Yeah..Same problems here as well! I have so many other Jeffreys in my folder that I'd like to add but can't fit anymore in this shopping bag. :p

  8. To ALYSSA..
    ME TOOOOOO!!! Seriously!!! I wish I can afford to ownjust half of the shoes from my list. ;P Then I'll be the happiest gal! ;)

  9. To Nena Nadine..
    Thank you so much!!! I think it's cute, isn't it?! ;)

  10. These are so great! I want them all!!!
    Especially the 3rd and the one that is 2nd to last!



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