Wednesday, January 5, 2011

Ninja Warrior

Japanese style leather/jersey dress from ViCuddy, Sass and bide style leggings (e-mail me if you'd like to purchase the leggings!), military booties from Korea, Forever 21 necklaces & some random bracelets.
I went specially over to my friend's store "ViCuddy" again with my other friends! New store front plus lots of new goodies that she brought back from oversea. My freind Lynn can't control herself and bought SO much stuffs there!!! There were so many clothing still in the boxes that we didn't get to see and pick!
My friend Vivi owns two stores!!! One restaurant and one clothing store! So young and so capable of managing! She opened the store in December, she already went oversea 3 times until now to re-stock. She has great sense of style!!!
I was trying on this double-side scarf that I'd like to buy. Lynn was thinking to get one as well, so furry and pretty. One side cashmere, another side with furry yarn!!!
How does it look??? I love how it's double-side, it felt like I was using two different scarfs. It's different! ;P
After we shopped at ViCuddy, then we went over to my friend Vivi's restaurant Viola to have dinner! Very clean and neat interior design, all design by Vivi herself.
Viola menu! Quality dining utensils and menu.
Our dinner! yummmm~~~


  1. I get overwhelmed with having one business. How does she do it?

  2. Love the leggings!!!

  3. To Nena Nadine..
    I know!!! She is amazing! She is doing so well with both of hers! I adore her! XxX :)

  4. To da pan..
    Come and we can go there to eat!!! :P Miss you! Xoxo

  5. May I ask where the store is located and where she imports her clothes from?

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