Tuesday, April 6, 2010


Nail Gloves
Nail Gloves
Nail ring set
Nail Ring Set

available at Aplace


  1. Mmm i'm not so sure about those gloves!!! looks kind of creepy don't you think? i'll need to see someone using them to change my opinion!!

  2. oh my god, i just thought about making exactly that kind of gloves! argggh always someone gets the same ideas...... :D but no hard feelings, love those!

  3. To Ida-Maria..
    :)) I know..It happens :P i often have the same feeling as you as well! But what you gonna do?! Whoever makes it first and gets notice win the race, right?! :) Still.. Keep it up! :D

  4. To Chio G.
    Haha.. I kind of like em' somehow.. :P #@$%* Creepy me i guess.. >///< Hahaha...


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