Friday, January 15, 2010



Black Zara strong shoulder blazer, Rebecca Taylor silk blouse, H&M gray/silver Balenciaga wanna be skirt, H&M polka dot tights, Balenciaga wedges, Zara studded oversize clutch, Vivienne Westwood pearl necklace, Forever21 earrings, H&M and ebay rings






Pictures taken by ESc; ESc Flickr

Every single piece of clothing in this outfit I got them on sale..Haha.. :) Even the cheap H&M skirt.. :P I saw them last August in Shanghai when i went over there for work, but I was being too cheap to buy it at that time. I am not sure why..Maybe i wasn't sure if I like the fit on me or not at that time. So I decided not to buy it, and couple day ago I found them in H&M for $10.00 sale price.. :) For that price, what else can you complain??? Of course I'll have to get it.. :P Same thing with the blazer, I saw em' in Shanghai with my mom and sister, I was really in love with it but they were quite expensive so I didn't get it back then. And two weeks ago I found it in Zara before they start the real low price "CRAZY" sale. I do NOT enjoy Zara crazy low price sale period of shopping, although the price is good but everything kind of get destroyed badly, and you really need to go in without hope to find anything good. When you actually find something good, then it'll make you happy and made your day. Otherwise, it's just disappointing and lots of hard work to be really patient to find "the one" or "sth". It's almost like going to a fight or something i think..>///<
The blouse was from a sample sale..:P (this is one of the many good reason for living in New York.) You get so many sample sales with ridiculously low price. It'd make your wallet and bank account really unhappy, but you couldn't help yourself to go for it with the price you see on the price tag..>///< and smile with what you got.. :)


  1. Ok so i would like to raid your closet like now! This outfit is amazing..everyone seems to have those wedges and I understand why they are such a great color and the tassel detailing is adorable.

  2. u look amazing toooooooo!!!

    and I love ur blazer2

  3. i think this is the best outfit you've ever worn!!! i love it, perfect combination and totally wearable for a night out in town or formal occasions

  4. amazing outfit!
    you have those Balenciaga wedges I just love =)

    Theory of a fashion victim

  5. I just stumbled on your blog and I love it! Great outfit, great photos! You rock! =)

  6. Found your blog on Lookbook. I love your style! Very daring yet very in with the current fashion mood. I'm obsessed with the skirt, the wedges and that giant rusty wheel behind you. Great quality pictures too.

    I recently starting blogging too, I'd love if you could check it out

  7. To Adri..
    :)))..I actually got those wedges after I saw RACK post on their site couple weeks ago about the DSW shoes at Union Squared New York were having all these Balenciaga shoes for sale. Therefore i ran over to check it out, that's how i got mine. But before that, i actually never notice this one though.. >///< But thanks that you always gave the sweetest comments.. :))

  8. To Ginger..
    ^W^..Haha..thanks!!! I am surprised that you left comment here.. :P

  9. To Angie..
    :) Thanks so much! I love this outfit myself as well.. really satisfied with the result of the pictures..:P

  10. To 'Lee..
    Thank you so much! It's funny i don't remember about these Balenciaga at all, but you and Adri both call it out?! :)

  11. To stylepint..
    :))))..Haha..Thank you SoOoo much!!! I am really glad that you liked it! :P

  12. To Tanya N..
    Thank you SOOO much!!!It's encouraging for me to see all your support and love. please do visit my hubby's website. He took all these amazing pictures for me..>///<..I'll def visit your blog and give you some feed back!!! :)

  13. These photos are so cool! the whole outfit is so elegant and balenciaga-esque (the drapey skirt, dotted tights), very nice!

  14. To Elizabeth.. did you manage to see my old post?!?!?! Thank you so much for the compliment.. :))))


I appreciate any comments and thoghts, it makes me happy and grow. I will try to visit your blog and see who you are...Love, Becca :)

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