Tuesday, May 11, 2010

Shop with me at Topshop..


These babies would fit perfect in my closet. I really would like to add some pastel to my wardrobe since i have almost none of em'. I love these pieces that I picked from Topshop how the color is feminine but have an edgy twist to its style. Not everything has to be BLACK to feel cool, right?! :P
At this moment I can only do this kind of window/web shopping since I have NO money at all!!! Huhhhhhh...
Can't wait to get pay!!!!!!!

Source: Topshop


  1. topshop has some great stuff. went there for the first time when i visited london recently. and your style is amazing. i'm loving it!


  2. i love the shoes...

  3. I. Want. Them. All. :) Great choices!

  4. i need all of those items in my wardrobe!! beaut pieces! i love topshop


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