Friday, May 21, 2010

AllSaints -> Opens in Soho Today

AllSaints collage
These babies would fit perfect in my closet. Today we went to the launch of All Saints from UK. The whole store is full filled with industrial sewing machine and shoe lasts!!! The interiors are INSANE!!! All the employees look like MODELS, Seriously!!! And they are super friendly as well. :) There are so many nice pieces in store that I'd like to buy but I don't see online. I was going gaga in the store the whole time!!! I want it all!!! I really like the silhouette and the drape from these pieces. The line is contemporary with a twist of edgy attitude to it. It's the cool kids' must have!!! Simple but practical!
Still can't afford em' yet. Too much bill to pay, I can only do this kind of window/web shopping and drool over em' all!!! Huh...

Source: AllSaints


  1. I love the heather gray dress :)

  2. i want absolutely everything pictured. death.

  3. i love all saints! have only seen the store in westfield shopping mall and then some of the range in selfridges.. everything is to die for!

  4. i've wanted that waistcoat since last fall. can't believe it's still available. damn allsaints, elongate the frustration.

  5. I'm a huge fan of All Saints, it's been here in the UK for years and I shop there all the time. They definitely have some really cute stuff, I love it! I also love the vintage feel to their stores and the old Singer sewing machines they have in the windows and old metal staircases :D


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