Thursday, October 11, 2012

midnight blue..

DSC_8998-s Balenciaga sunnier, Iosselliani earrings, H&M + DIY neon necklaces, Zara polka-dot mesh top, H&M metallic cropped knit top and pleated high-low top, Zara velvet leopard denim jeans, Wanted loafer, vintage bag, Hermes watch, YSL ring, gifted J.Crew bracelet + DIY bracelets. DSC_8982-s DSC_8985-s DSC_9009-s DSC_9016-s DSC_8991-s DSC_9022-s DSC_9012-s DSC_9025-s Thank you to all the folks at Wanted Shoes for this loafer. It's so cute and comfy, it is beautiful and functional as well. I love this alligator texture and the fall color. It's so easy to pair with anything that I own for fall. It's a definite item to add to my closet. What's your fall shoe selection? ;)

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  1. Love the sweater! Looks so warm.

  2. OMG! I am in love with this outfit. Looks great!


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