Thursday, April 28, 2011

Last Day

Zara straw hat, H&M faux leather biker jacket, vintage floral jumpsuit, tassel fringe belt, lace-up booties, random handbag, Forever 21 necklace.
Having brunch with my sis. I am not sure if this Cafe' is the one from Gossip girl where Vanessa worked?! It's located in Long Island city. The interior and deco looks very similar, even the graffiti at the front windows look familiar to me. Does anyone knows???
My sister is leaving for good. Today is her last day of the NYC life. We both were a little bit sad about her leaving. Last shot of the city Ginger! I'll miss you very much......
We discover this vintage shop in Brooklyn, sorry that I forgot the name of the store. But it's next to Buffalo Exchange. It's worth to pay a visit if you like to dig into vintage clothing.
Colorful tutu's.
I am buying that mens hat for myself.
Last bicycle ride together.......
Dinner at Papacitos.P4213174-s
My biggest problem in real life has been to connect with people. Not everyone wants the same things in life as me: a career, a motorcycle, and someone to talk and listen. I've never been the type of girl to say, "Let's have a slumber party!" or any of those things that girls like to do. My hubby and friends tell me that I think too much. But wait, I don't express myself. I don't even say anything, how do they know?! I feel like I'm always trying to prove to other people, to pursue something that I don't even know if it even exist?!

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  1. this look is just awesome! love the colors <3


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